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Wasteland 2 Guide: Angel Oracle, Help a Condemned Man

by Prima Games Staff

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Angel Oracle and Mr. Manners

Now that you’ve had some time to get your feet wet in the Los Angeles area, it’s time to head north from basecamp and locate Angel Oracle. This area holds a pretty powerful radio tower that will allow you to upgrade your broadcasting range even more. Once you’re in the instance, there are a couple of things you’ll have to do before you can safely enter the area. If you take a moment and listen, you’ll hear mention of a “cleansing” that will open up an additional side quest for you.

First, head forward and converse with Guard Llewelyn. Go through every conversation cue to learn as much as you can, and then the guards will open the front gates for you. Move through the arch and inside to get pulled into a conversation with another non-player character. This one will give you a short quiz to test your manners. Simply answer Sir, Before and then Words for your cues to the questions asked and you’ll be granted access to the interior.

Pass through the second gate and converse with the Sheriff. Offer help, ask about anything else you need to and then immediately head down the stairs behind the Sheriff. Talk to the guard standing in front of the cage near the back of the fenced in area in the center, then chat with the man in the cage, Fletcher. Once you’re done speaking with him, head back up the stairs to find out that Fletcher escaped and the Sheriff thinks you’re responsible. Offer up one of your own as a hostage (we went with Pistol Pete since he was the least helpful at the moment). Then press the Sheriff until she offers to give you access to the radio for finding Fletcher.  Now head back down the stairs and talk with the guard once more. If your Hard Ass skill level is high enough, you can use the conversation cue Nose to learn that the person who attacked the guard was wearing their black tire armor. 

Now that you know this tidbit of information, head up the stairs and into the building that the Sheriff is now standing in front of. Talk with the Captain inside and ask him about their armor reserves. He’ll mention that the armor went missing, but it is back now and smells of corn and the boots are covered in mud. Leave the conversation and bee-line for the stairs again. Once at the bottom, head to the left of the prisoner area, continue out of the gate and the closest field. You should now see greenish footprints on the ground. Follow the trail until it ends at a ventilation shaft packed with dirt and wet cement. 

To continue this quest, you’ll need to follow the trail of footprints back a little until you see a woman named Elizaveta standing around. Converse with her to learn that she is Fletcher’s wife. You’ll need to go through the entire conversation to learn that she had her friends help him escape, as well as a few other issues that have been growing through Angel Oracle. This new information includes details about a plan to overthrow Mr. Manners by making it look like he killed Fletcher because he wanted to have Elizaveta for himself. Once you learn all of this from her, head back into the center area of town and interact with the large metal door near the gate to the back fields.

Now that you’re inside Mr. Manner’s main area, or the Press Office as he calls it, head into his office past the closed and guarded door, then chat with him. Mention the Robinson plot to gain access to the radio as well as finish up the side quest to help a condemned man. 

After you’re done with Mr. Manners, head out of his office and into the guarded doors that are now open. Use your Repeater Unit on the radio control panel to finish expanding the Ranger’s broadcast range into Los Angeles. 

Before you head out of town, Mr. Manners will ask for your appearance back in the Press Office. You can head there and pick up another side quest to bring the leader of the “revolt” to justice. If you accept the quest, he will mark a place on your map where the culprit, Tori Robinson, is supposedly hiding.

Side Quest: Help Lindy Lou

There is a woman near the ventilation shafts named Lindy Lou, whom you can assist in a side quest. Simply talk with her, ask if she needs any help and then head to the store to pick up the parts she asked for. Once you’ve done that, simply return and give her the parts for a reward.

Side Quest: Bring Darla Water

Head back out of the main gate and then detour to the left if your camera is looking towards the Wasteland icon. As you near the edge of the paved area, a guard named Darla will call down to you from one of the watchtowers. She needs water, and asks you to speak with one of the guards at the gate in order to get her some. Head back to the main gate, speak with Guard Llewelyn and get the canteen. Now head back to Darla and pass the canteen up through the bucket-line system to the left to complete the quest.

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