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Wasteland 2 Guide: Save the Researchers, Collect Pod Fragments

by Prima Games Staff

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AG Center or Highpool?

The next part of our mission leads us to either the AG Center or Highpool. After leaving the radio tower, stop by the oasis between the Citadel and the tower before continuing to fill up on water. After filling up your canteens it’s time to head down to the AG Center to continue our mission. As you head to the AG Center you’ll receive a message that Highpool is under attack by raiders. Your first instinct might be to turn and run towards Highpool, but that isn’t the best case in this situation. If you wait a minute or so contemplating your decision, you’ll receive a message from the AG Center, requesting help.

We decided to continue forward towards the AG Center because of the large pool of radiation zones between us and Highpool.

AG Center

Upon arriving at the AG Center, you’ll be advised by the Dispatcher to deal with the emergency before attacking the Repeater Unit to the radio tower. Continue forward into this instance to witness a fairly gruesome scene. After you regain control of your party, head past the body you watched explode in the cutscene. Angela will make some comments, but move your party into combat ready positions and attack one of the wildlife meandering around the area.

After dealing with the combat situation, continue north into the area. Ahead, you should see the entrance to the AG Center, but the door is completely covered with vines. Destroy the vines and then interact with the intercom to gain access to the Central Complex.

Central Complex

As you continue into the Central Complex, you’ll be prompted into a conversation with Kathy Lawson. Talk with her until she gives you more details on their emergency, then ask her where the Signal Dish is. She’ll get upset and tell you to find it yourself. If you have a character with the Kiss Ass skill, you can easily talk her into telling you where it is. There’s only one problem, the plants overtook it. She’ll also ask you to look in the greenhouses to see if any of their people survived. For this, you’ll need to talk to Rose to get the unlock codes.

Side Quest: Save the Researchers

Since the plants running rampant appear to be a danger, go ahead and address that issue, along with looking into whether there are more AG Center researchers still alive. Head through the east airlock and to the first doorway on the southern side of the hallway. Open it up and enter Rose’s lab to speak with her and get the Greenhouse codes you’ll need to save the AG Center’s people. She’ll ask to come with you. We accepted her help just for the extra pair of hands.

Continue east after recruiting Rose to run into Rachel. She’ll mumble something before turning into a pod person, where you’ll be forced into a combat encounter. Quickly take her down and click on the airlock to your north to have Rose unlock it so you can enter.

Your objective here is simple. There are researchers trapped in the greenhouse, and you need to clear out the enemies so they can escape. Get your team ready, make sure they’re completely healed and head into combat.

After defeating the enemies around the researchers, they’ll depart and head into the main lobby. Take a quick look around, dig up the mounds of dirt near the center of the room and destroy the pods to get Pod Fragments. Once the room is clear, head back out the way you came.

Once back in the lobby, continue past the northern corridor (we’ll come back to this shortly) and towards the west corridor. Break the door to the south open and destroy the pod inside to retrieve another Pod Fragment. Look carefully behind the pod and you should be able to open a cardboard box on the floor. Inside you’ll find a few items to help you along the way. Take them and continue down the path until you find the airlock door. Click it to have Rose open it so you can enter the western greenhouse.

Upon entering the greenhouse, quickly make your way into the center of the room. You should see a researcher, Julio, cowering in a corner with several large rabbits around him. Engage the rabbits to enter a battle encounter. After defeating the rabbits, click on Julio to talk to him. He’ll complain that you killed his rabbits, but ignore him because you just saved his life. Chat with him as long as you want and then tell him to hide. He’ll run off to go to the kitchen. Loot the bodies of the rabbits and grab the chest by the recent battlefield, as well as the chest in the northeast corner of the room. Make note of this room before heading back to the lobby, as we’ll need to return here later to get the satellite running again.

Side Quest: Collect 10 Pod Fragments

If you were already infected by one of the pods, then you have no choice but to complete the Pod Fragment mission. It isn’t that hard to destroy the pods, and once you have 10 you’ll need to go ahead and turn them in to Kathy Lawson so she can get started working on a cure. She’s the scientist standing around the front computer console where you first entered the Central Complex.

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