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Wasteland 2 Guide: Save Highpool from Wreckers, AG Center After Highpool

by Prima Games Staff

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WARNING: This guide covers Highpool if you chose to save it before you saved the AG Center. If you chose to go to AG Center first, you can view that walkthrough here.

Now that we fixed the Radio Tower and found the site of Ace’s murder, the mystery is beginning to unfold. Our next mission is to attach the remaining two Repeater Units to the radio located in Highpool and at the AG Center, so let’s go ahead and head towards Highpool. We suggest detouring towards AG Center and passing around the mountains to come up to the south of Highpool, since there is a pretty large radiation cloud between you and your objective right now.

Highpool Exterior

Upon entering Highpool, head north and take cover behind the old beat up car before engaging the enemies here. There are quite a few enemies, so you’re going to want to be caerful when trying to take them down. Once you’re ready, have someone with an Assault rifle or other powerful weapon initiate the encounter by firing at one of the Wreckers.

After taking out this group of wreckers, continue around the front of the building to take out another group just within the small alleyway ahead. With both groups cleared out, go ahead and duck inside the large house with the half-open doors. Once inside, talk with the woman to find out there are Wreckers in the house trying to break into her safe. Follow the house’s layout and interact with the bandit Pry Bar to initiate a conversation. You can either choose to let him have his loot, and let down the woman who asked for your help, or you can choose to be “nasty” or use a Hard Ass skill conversation cue. We chose to be nasty, as we didn’t have a high enough level in Hard Ass with any of our party.

After you clear the safe room, you can choose to loot the safe or just walk away and turn the quest back in to the woman. We ignored the safe since we’re the law in these parts. Grab the crate on the table in the first room and head back out into town.

Head just northwest of the house you just exited to come across a group of Wreckers manning a mortar. Engage them to initiate an encounter. With the Wreckers defeated, use the Demolition skill on the mortar to reorient it, then fire it to have the shell land on some of the attacking wreckers. Bypass the middle path for a moment to find a gate. Check the gate for traps, then unlock it and press into the small area to find some boxes of loot. Be sure to use Perception on them before interacting with these enemies, and grab what you can before heading back to the middle path with the two burning cars.

Head up the center path and detour through the small pass in the rocks to your left as you near the first guard tower. You’ll find a fairly tranquil spot with a decorated RV. Talk to the gentleman in front to gain a side quest to deliver a note to his soul mate up in Highpool (this quest requires that you have the Animal Whisperer skill to complete it). He doesn’t give you a name, so simply accept the quest and then head back to the main path.

Continue around the old guard tower to get pulled into a combat encounter between some townies and Wreckers. Clear the encounter and try to keep the townies alive if you can. If you can’t, it doesn’t really matter. Head up the path some more to find out that the Wreckers and their leader Jackhammer are trying to blow up the irrigation pipes. Engage them and clear the area. Now interact with the control beside the fence-like box to gain entrance to Highpool.

Highpool Interior

Now that we’re in the town, you’ll need to talk to Sean Bergin. Ask him about the irrigation system, as well as taking out the rest of the Wreckers. Finally ask him about the radio. He’ll tell you that something knocked it offline and you’ll need to talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels beneath the reservoir in order to get it fixed.

Side Quest: Save the Burning House

As you continue into town, another townie will ask you to help save his house. It just so happens there is an overflow pipe right above it, so all we’ll need to do is grab the valve that’s lying on the ground off to the right and reattach it to the main control area in the center of town. Now you’ll need to use someone with the Mechanical Repair skill to repair the gizmos inside. With that done, activate it to save the burning house from the fire.

Side Quest: Deliver Note to Alexey’s Soul Mate

To complete this mission, you’ll need the Animal Whisperer Skill. Near the center of town, you’ll find a woman locked in a cage and several juvenile townies around her. Talk with the dog walking around to continue the soul mate quest. Deliver the note and you’ll be asked to deliver a rock back to Alexey. You can go ahead and take care of this now, or wait until later as you leave town. We went ahead and took care of it, since you gain access to his “stash” of items to buy.

Side Quest: Get Rid of the Juvies Pestering Vulture’s Cry

If you approach the woman in the cage in Highpool, she’ll mention that her services could be of use to you, but she’ll need you to get rid of the pestering juvies before she can talk. To finish this side quest you’ll need cigarettes. If you don’t have any on you, head past the cage and into the Town Hall, buy the cigarettes from the merchant here and then head back out to trade them with the juvies.

Before you talk to her, head back down to Sean Bergin and choose the Prisoner conversation cue. You’ll need a Hard Ass level of 4, as well as a Kiss Ass level of 2 in order to get Vulture’s Cry out of her prison legally. You can also just break her out if you want, but that effects how the townspeople feel about you.

After you use your Hard Ass and Kiss Ass cues in the conversation, Sean Bergin will give you the key. Head back up and talk with Vulture’s Cry in order to get her out and have her join your party if you have space.

Side Quest: Help Kate Preston – Get Radio Tower Back Online

Now that we have a full party, it’s time to head into the tunnels and fix the irrigation system so we can get the radio tower back up and running. Head directly west of the cage and interact with the travel icon to enter the tunnels. Talk to Kate Preston to continue the quest. You’ll need to turn on 4 release valves to get the water running again.

This part of the quest is tricky. You’ll need to leave one person in the main room to turn on the lights and open the door, as you can’t have them all open at once. Go ahead and leave one person by the controls, turn switch 2 and head down the center tunnel, turning right at the junction ahead. Continue around the next corner until you come to the door marked 5. Go ahead and press that switch to open the first valve room. Kill the enemies here and interact with the valve before continuing on.

The next valve is in sector 9. In order to reach that, have your switch coordinator close down the number 2 switch and open the number 9 switch. Send your team down the western corridor and around the next corner to the right to enter sector 9 and take out the enemies within. Activate the valve release, then have your switch coordinator close down sector 5 and open up sector 8.

Send your exploration group through the eastern corridor and into sector 8. As soon as you enter, twist northward and follow that corridor towards sector 10. If you get pulled into battle, take the enemies down before continuing. Now you’ll need to deactivate the power in sector 9 and activate it in sector 10 in order to let your team inside. Sadly, this valve wheel is rusted and you’re going to have to grab a new one from the storage area in sector 2. Head back down to sector 9, changing the power system around as needed until you get your group back to sector 2.

Once in sector 2, you’ll find the storage room just past the center corridor you entered through. Grab the valve and then head back to sector 10 to apply it to the release system and get one step closer to bringing the system back online.

The next valve is located in sector 4, but if you try to take the nearest route, sector 8 to sector 7 and then to sector 4, you’ll come across a pile of debris in the way. We’re going to need to head down through sector 8, into sector 6 and then into sector 3, finally finding our way into sector 4.

Before you completely bypass this area, let’s get into sector 6 and take a look around. Kate mentioned that sector 6 is where the generator for the radio tower is located. Since we’re already in this area, let’s go ahead and get that back up and running so it’s ready when we are.

Once you enter sector 6, you’ll need to defeat the enemies inside. Once they are taken care of, trip the main breaker for the generator and then activate the switch. Theoretically you could simply leave now and not worry about the rest of the water valves, but we’re going to go ahead and see this mission until the end. 

Head out of sector 6 and into sector 3. Change the power as needed, and remember not to go over 2 power sources, otherwise you’ll trip the breakers. Once in sector 3, head east to take the corridor up to sector 4. Activate the last release valve in sector 4 and then head back down to the main control room to interact with the final valve and finish this quest.

With that taken care of, head outside to watch the vote for Highpool’s new mayor, then head down to the radio tower and attach one of the repeater units to it. Now you’ll need to head to AG Center and see what’s going on over there.

AG Center – After Highpool

Once you enter the AG Center and continue forward, you’ll come across Kathy Lawson strung up by vines. She’ll tell you about a serum they found and tell you that AG Center can’t be saved. Finish your conversation with her and then head forward some more. It’s very important that you take out any pod plants containing pod people before they get you, otherwise you’ll end up with the pod virus and you’ll need to use the cure on yourself.

Head inside the Central Complex ahead after taking down the enemies and pods in your way. Inside you’ll find Dr. Larsen. Talk to him to continue the story. After you’re done with Dr. Larsen, head towards the western hall. We need to see if the radio tower is still intact, and to do that, we’re going to need to make our way into the western greenhouse.

 Make your way down the west hallway and into the western greenhouse. Take out the enemies and pods around the area and grab any loot you want before interacting with the radio tower control panel to find that it is busted. General Vargas will give you updates about a possible radio tower that can be used by the prison where the Rangers used to setup. 

Before you head out, go to where you spoke with Kathy Lawson and then head down the western path, taking out the pods before you pass. You’ll find the serum and an energy weapon surrounded by a few enemies. Take the enemies down and grab the items before heading back to the World Map to continue your quest.

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