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Wasteland 2 Guide: Red Skorpion Prison, Find Dog Cure, Head to Los Angeles

by Prima Games Staff

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The Prison

As you cross back through the mushroom cloud from Damonta, headed back towards the Ranger Citadel, you’ll receive a radio transmission from General Vargas. Apparently something happened with the Red Skorpions, and warfare is currently being waged against the Rangers. He’ll instruct you to make a detour by the Prison and see what the issue is. Simply head through the mushroom cloud and enter the Prison area to continue.

Once inside, move forward until you’re pulled into combat with the Red Skorpion soldiers blocking the way. Once they’re down, continue into the small area of the town, which you’ll now notice is deserted. Ignore the area because there isn’t anything here you particularly need. Continue up the path, past the hanging townsfolk on the rock arch and around the bend ahead. Continue through the gated area, taking out any militia in your way, then into the actual Prison area.

From here, you’ll need to follow the path straight into the outpost-like area ahead. If you haven’t been here yet, you’ll need to take out any enemies that attack. Continue out the left entrance and up the path. Pass under the freeway overpass and ignore the farm on your left. Follow the road all the way down to find the entrance to the prison. There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can either attach the tread belt you received from the Tinker in Damonta to the busted robot and go in guns blazing, or you can go in the peaceful way.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, we went with the “tougher” of the choices and decided to play it as peacefully as we could. As you move forward towards the opening in the Prison’s outer fence you’ll get pulled into a conversation with Commander Danforth. If you don’t get pulled in automatically, then you’ll just need to interact with the communication system on the pole beside the entrance. Tell him that you aren’t the ones who plagued the dogs and offer to find the cure. Once he agrees, head back down the road towards the farm.

Find Dog Cure

Once you reach the farm, you’ll need to take out the foreman and feral dogs in the area. Just run forward and attack to get pulled into a battle. Once the encounter is over, talk to the man named Jobe; he’s hiding in the chicken pen area. He’ll tell you that he poisoned the dogs in order to get the Rangers to come back and kill Danforth because he’s such a jerk. Go through the conversation to receive the cure and then head back to the prison to deal with Danforth.

Tell Danforth you have the cure by interacting with the intercom. He’ll allow you inside, but will threaten to kill you if you’re lying. Move forward, through the large turrets and into the prison area. Keep going until you get pulled into a conversation with General Therman Campbell. Tell him you have the cure and Danforth will then walk up with his dog Reina.

This is where things get tricky. In order to full reach a peaceful solution to this area you’ll need a Smart Ass skill level of at least 4. In order to get this peaceful solution, you’re going to need to choose the following conversation cues as they pop up. This sequence also ensures that you’ll get the most out of the backstory. 

1: Cure

2: Plague

3: Prove

4: Buying

5: Rex

6: Gang

7: Respect

8: Happier (Smart Ass)

9: Force (Smart Ass)

10: Little People (Smart Ass)

11: How

12: Advice

After that, he’ll tell you to cure the dogs. To start off, you’ll need to heal his dog Reina first. Open your inventory and go ahead and add the Dog Plague Cure to your hotkey bar, then use it on the dog Reina. After she is healed, he’ll tell you to hurry and heal the rest of the dogs in the kennel. Follow through the path behind him, to the left of the cage-like building the guards are standing on. Once you see the kennel with the dogs, you should be pulled into a conversation with the Skorpion standing guard. Tell him you were sent to help the dogs and he’ll let you do your job. Use the skill on all the dogs, and once you’re finished, head back down the path and talk to Danforth once more. Now that you’ve healed his dogs and proven to him that they are doing things “not exactly the best way,” he’ll agree to sit down with the General. Head out the Prison, through the Prison Valley and then back out into the World Map.

Moving Forward

With Damonta saved, the Prison issue resolved and all your other side quests taken care of for Arizona, it’s time to move on to the next part of the world. Head back to the Ranger Citadel, follow the path inside the actual Citadel and then make a beeline for the center corridor in the back of the area. Follow it up until you come to General Vargas and Mercaptain. You’ll get pulled into a conversation, and once it’s over, you’ll be given a chance to gather up to 10 followers to head out to the Los Angeles area with you. Gather whoever you want and then head back to this same room and into the door in the left hand corner. Talk to General Vargas and you’ll board the helicopter for the unexplored ruins of Los Angeles.

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