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The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode Two: A House Divided Complete Walkthrough

by Prima Games Staff

More than two months after Episode One, we finally got our second taste of Season Two of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. Of course, depending on the choices you made in Episode One, you could be in for an entirely different experience than the next person. With that in mind, we’re here to help guide you through the game no matter what decisions you made.

Even though we aim to help you progress through the story without giving away spoilers, it’s not always possible. We’ll keep it to a minimum, but if you haven’t already completed The Walking Dead: Season One, or Season Two – Episode One: All That Remains, you’ll want to experience those before continuing.

New Morning – You Saved Pete

At the end of the last episode, Clementine had to choose between saving Pete or Nick. If you chose to save Pete, this is where you will begin.

Follow Pete into the back of the box truck, barricading him inside. When you regain control of Clementine, hand the saw to Pete. Search the front cab of the truck. Although there’s little of interest, you can try to use the keys in the ignition. Finish looking around the truck and then back out. Grab the cigarettes from the box and hand one to Pete before giving him a light.

When you come to, grab the saw off the floor of the truck and approach Pete to see if he’s still alive. Exit the truck to find a hoard of walkers approaching. Follow the prompts to make your escape and meet up with the group. Progressing the story to this point will unlock the first available trophy or achievement, New Morning.

New Morning – You Saved Nick

At the end of episode one, if you chose to save Nick, this is where your game will pick up.

Follow the on-screen prompts to hold the door shut. When everything is secure, begin looking around the room. Move the large wooden board in front of the shelf to reveal some moonshine. Hand Nick a bottle of whiskey before lying down to sleep.

After waking up, go over and talk to Nick. You can choose whatever options you wish to progress the conversation. When it’s time to make a break for it, follow the on-screen instructions to escape and make your way back to the cabin. Moving the story along to this point will earn you the New Morning achievement or trophy.

The Intruder

Regardless of who you chose to save, both branches of the story will pass through this scenario. Talk to Carlos and Rebecca about Nick or Pete — depending on who you saved — before agreeing to look after Sarah. Spend a bit of time talking to her to move the story forward.

When Sarah spots someone walking near the house, move to both windows to try and identify him. Head to the door where the stranger will let himself inside. Talk to the stranger, choosing whatever conversation options you want, until he eventually leaves you alone and makes his exit. Staying true to our group, we decided to be defiant with the intruder but you can choose your own path. Completing this portion of the story will unlock The Intruder achievement or trophy.

Moving On

Depending on whether your chose to save Nick or Pete in the first episode, there will be different people at the cabin right now. It doesn’t matter how you interact with them, the story will continue along a similar path. Just talk to them, answering their questions about the stranger to move things along. When you finish this sequence, you will unlock the Moving On achievement or trophy.

Over the Bridge

The group will set out to locate Pete or Nick. Talk to Rebecca until you reach your destination. When you arrive, search the area before setting out to the north.

Use the binoculars to scope out the bridge, the station and the resort on the top of the ski hill. After you set out with Luke, chat to him about random things until you reach the bridge. Sneak up on the walkers, hitting yours in the head with the claw of your hammer. Yank it free from the zombie’s skull to unlock the Over the Bridge achievement or trophy.

A Stranger

As Luke and Clementine begin crossing the bridge, walkers will surround them. Try to pull Luke up from the beams below, moving to take the approaching walker out when prompted. Hit the walker in the knee to bring him down, then the head to try and kill him. As the walker lunges for you, dodge him, then the next one. Pick up the machete off the bridge and kill the advancing zombie before lowering a pole to help Luke climb back up.

Continue across the bridge until you see another stranger. You can choose to say whatever you want to in this situation; the story will progress along the same path regardless. When the sequence ends, you will have unlocked A Stranger, an achievement or trophy depending on your platform of choice.

Old Friends

When you reach the station, talk to the group and choose to defend or stick up for Nick. Like most of the conversations in the game, the choice is yours. Although game can be impacted in a minor way, the story generally progresses along the same path.

Search the station for food. Explore the entire room, grabbing the knife off the shelf beside the bed. Use the knife to pry open the chest, revealing two cans of food and prompting Alvin to enter the station. Talk to Alvin, deciding whether you want to side with his best interests, or the group.

Head up the hill with the group before climbing the ski lift to get a better look. Use your binoculars to check the bridge you crossed earlier. Focus on the moving light sources before climbing back down to be reunited with someone from your past. Progressing to this point will unlock the Old Friends trophy or achievement.

Past Midnight

Go inside the ski resort and chat with Kenny to get re-acquainted. When you’re done, head into the kitchen and help Walter with dinner. You don’t have to actually help him, just chat to him and get to know the guy.

When you’re done in the kitchen, explore the rest of the resort, listening to some music before meeting up with Sarah and Sarita by the Christmas tree. Talk with Sarita before heading upstairs where Carlos, Alvin and Rebecca are chatting. When they’re done, grab an ornament from the box and put it on top of the Christmas tree.

Go back downstairs and talk with Sarita again. The options you choose won’t affect the story, so choose any path you’d like. When dinner is ready, you have to decide who to sit with, the new group consisting of Carlos, Luke and Nick, or back with Kenny and Sarita. The choice is yours. The two groups will soon combine and the story will continue on its pre-determined path.

When you finish eating, head outside with Walter to get to know him better. Talk to him about the gang that’s chasing you before finding a strange woman lurking outside. Fans from the 400 Days DLC from the first season might recognize her.

After heading inside, talk to Luke and decide whether you want to come clean with Walter about what happened on the bridge. When the conversation is over, go outside to find Walter holding the knife you found in the station. It’s up to you to come clean with Walter or remain vague. At the end of this sequence, you will unlock the Past Midnight achievement or trophy.


Follow Kenny to the wind turbine to try and shut it down. When the transformer goes, Kenny and Luke will take off to check it out. Use your lighter to see inside the turbine. Grab the key from the panel on the right and use it to switch off the power.

The turbine drew in a hoard of walkers. Use the pistol to kill as many zombies as you can, eventually running out of ammunition. When a walker corners you, flip the dead body over and grab the rifle from underneath it. The kick from the gun will knock you down. Choose to either pick up the gun again or grab the machete. How you decide to proceed is completely up to you.

As you head inside, Carver arrives with his gang and takes several people from your group hostage. Do as instructed and move around the resort, remaining out of sight. Eventually, Alvin and Rebecca will being to argue about how to proceed.

You can choose to go outside, looking for Luke and Kenny, or remain inside and give yourselves up. The choice you make will change the way things play out, but where they end up remains exactly the same. It is completely up to you how you choose to proceed. There is no way to fail here, so make whatever decisions you want, ending this episode and unlocking the Reunion trophy or achievement.

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