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The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode One: All That Remains Walkthrough

by Prima Games Staff

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode One: All That Remains takes place several months after the events of The Walking Dead: Season One – Episode Five: No Time Left. You play the entire episode as Clementine, who is initially with Omid and Christa, central characters to the first season. If you have not played the first season, it is highly recommended that you do so. Decisions made during the first season have consequences in Season Two. 

Throughout the course of the game, players will have to make decisions that affect their experience to varying degrees. This guide is intended to help players navigate their way to the conclusion of Episode One while largely making their own decisions. Because All That Remains is so heavily driven by story, be warned that this guide contains spoilers


All That Remains takes place several months after the conclusion of Season One. You’re now playing as Clementine. As you make your way towards the abandoned gas station with Omid and Christa, they ask you what to name their unborn baby. Feel free to answer their question in any way you would like. Just make sure to do it in the allotted timeframe. Most questions or decisions will have a time limit. Players can opt to not make any choice at all, but that can cause changes to the story beyond your control. It’s almost always in your best interest to choose an answer. 

When you enter the restroom, check all three stalls to make sure it’s safe. The sink won’t have water, forcing you to clean up with a bottle from your backpack which you’ll subsequently drop. The bottle rolls under a stall door and out of sight. Skip the first two stalls and check the third to retrieve the bottle. As you do, a woman enters the rest room, causing Clementine to hide. The woman eventually finds you in the stall and orders you outside. She demands to know what you have. Choose any answer you want, since it won’t change the way the story unfolds. We opted not to give the woman our hat when she asked. As the woman rummages through Clementine’s bag, Omid enters and attempts to sneak up on her. The door behind him closes, startling the woman and causing her to shoot and kill Omid. Hearing the shot, Christa enters the rest room and in turn kills the strange woman.

The story picks up 16 months later with just Christa and Clementine sitting around a campfire. Christa is no longer pregnant but there’s no baby in sight. Players are left to assume she lost it. There is obvious tension between the two, with Clementine asking Christa to talk to her. Christa tasks you with finding a way to keep the fire going. Look through your backpack, the lighter will be the third item you find. Move to the campfire and light the paper as instructed. It’s still not enough, so search the area for a log to toss on the fire and advance the story. 

Clementine will hear commotion in the background and run to see what’s happening. Christa has been surrounded by scavengers. Players receive the option to either distract them or sneak away. Either choice will progress the story, so do the right thing and distract them. As you’re chased by a scavenger, follow the on-screen prompts to evade and fight him off. Choices in dangerous or violent situations will require a fast response to avoid Clementine dying. As you fight off the scavenger, he’ll be attacked and bitten by Walkers. Keep following the prompts to evade them yourself before falling in the river to end the sequence.

River Runs Cold: When Clementine wakes up on the shore this achievement will be automatically unlocked.

Clementine will wake up on the shore of the river, alone. When you regain control, move forward and jump up on the broken dock to your right. Make your way forward to the path and continue heading in the only direction your can. Eventually, you’ll come across a stray dog who initially doesn’t seem overly friendly. When given the option, check the dog’s collar and see that his name is Sam. 

Once you reach the campsite, start looking through the various items scattered about. The can of food you need is found in the garbage barrel, but you must investigate several items before the story will move forward. Sam will eventually start barking at a Walker tied to a tree. Pick up the branch next to it and bash its head in. It’ll take four shots, but when it’s finally down, grab the knife in its shoulder. 

Shelter: Finding the campsite will automatically unlock this achievement.

Clementine will make her way to a log and take a seat. Open up the can of food as instructed. Any option will move the story forward, so you might as well give Sam some food. Sam will become violent and bite Clementine, knocking her to the ground. Follow the on-screen prompts to fight him off and knock him backwards and onto two sharp branches. Impaled and badly injured, you’re now left to decide Sam’s fate. Even though he bit you, do the humane thing and put him down.

Badly injured, Clementine will make her way through the forest before starting to pass out. There are several Walker’s nearby, prompting you to get up and start moving away. Just keep moving forward until you’re knocked to the ground. Fight the Walker off as long as you can, with two men coming to your rescue just when it appears all hope is lost. 

On The Path: This achievement will automatically unlock once you are rescued from the Walkers.

After your rescuers get you to safety, they’ll ask you several questions about how you feel, and where the rest of your group is. Given that they are characters central to the story, answer them honestly. Starting these relationships off with trust is definitely a benefit.

The two men will introduce themselves as Luke — the younger gentleman carrying Clementine — and Pete — the older man with him — before discovering Clementine’s bite. Understandably, Luke mistakes it for a bite from a Walker and drops you to the ground. As they begin to question you, answer them with complete honesty. Clementine will attempt to walk on her own before passing out again near the cabin. 


Now What: This achievement will automatically unlock when Clementine wakes up at the cabin.

When Clementine comes to, there is a group of survivors debating what to do with her. Choose to tell them you need a doctor, but no matter what you decide, Nick will get trigger happy and almost shoot you. When given the option, appeal to Pete, telling him that he doesn’t want to do something he’ll regret as they debate whether or not to cut off your arm. When the doctor begins to examine your arm, ask him to help you and promise to leave once he does. There are a few questions mixed into this sequence. The story will progress no matter how you answer, but these people seem nice, so take the honest approach as much as possible.

Unable to determine the source of the bite, the group will eventually decide to lock you in a shed to see if you turn into a Walker. Choose any option you like as Luke escorts you to the shed. Once you regain control, grab the fishing line out of the tackle box. It’s one of the things you need to stitch up your arm. Then unfold the table, climb up and grab the hammer which causes you to fall to the ground. Pick up the hammer from under the shelf on the ground and use it to pry the board off the wall. This will allow you to escape the shed. 

Once you’re outside, move around the right side of the house and use the hammer to pull the nails out of the plywood. When you get inside the cabin, briefly eavesdrop on the group talking about you. This is not mandatory but the conversation is interesting. When you’re done, move to the right side behind the couch and up the stairs to the second level. There are three rooms up here and you must go in them all to progress the story.

Head into the bathroom first, grabbing the needle from the medicine cabinet. As you try to exit, Rebecca will come upstairs. Quickly hide in the bathtub until she leaves. When she’s gone, go to the room across the hall where you’ll formally meet Sarah. Throughout your conversation, as long as you are kind, Sarah will help by giving you a bottle of peroxide to clean the wound. Leave and go into the last room on the second floor. The bandages you need will be on top of the desk. Grab them to move the story forward. 

Sneaky: Grabbing all four items — fishing line, needle, peroxide and rags — will automatically unlock this achievement.

After sneaking out of the cabin and back into the shed, it’s time to stitch yourself up. Follow the prompts on-screen to clean the wound. Thread the needle and then painfully sew your arm shut. As you try to wrap your arm, you’ll drop the bandage to the ground. When you move to pick it up, a Walker — or a Lurker as this new group calls it — will attack you through the hole you left in the shed. Fight off its initial attacks using the on-screen prompts. When the opportunity comes up, grab the brick to your right and throw it at the Walker. Next, grab the rake from the floor, pushing the walker backwards and impaling it. Lastly, grab the hammer from the work bench, approach the walker and bash its head in to progress the story forward.

Still. Not. Bitten.: Surviving the Walker attack will automatically unlock this achievement.

The group hears the commotion and busts into the shed, finding Clementine and the dead Walker. They notice she patched up her arm and wonder where she got the supplies. Be honest and tell them you’re sorry. Carlos — the doctor — tells them to bring her inside where he has a look at her arm. He decides the bite isn’t from a Lurker since Clementine doesn’t have a fever and hasn’t started to turn. Carlos will tell you that you shouldn’t have manipulated his daughter, Sara. Remain neutral here as he explains that she is not like other little girls. Apologize again and he’ll forgive you for your mistake, but ask you to stay away from her in the future. 

Carlos will exit the room and Luke will come in offering you some food. He’s briefly joined by Nick — the guy who almost shot you — who apologizes. Accept Nick’s apology, letting him know you understand. He leaves, presenting you with several conversational choices to be made with Luke. It’s up to you how you handle this, as the story will progress no matter what. Think about being humble and honest, since gaining friendship and trust are valuable assets. 

Eventually, Pete will break up the chatter, telling everyone to head to bed so they can get an early start on fishing in the morning. As Clementine continues to eat, Rebecca will enter the room. She’s not a fan of yours, and regardless of your choices in conversation, she’ll continue to give you the cold shoulder. Take whatever approach you want with her.

Headed out: When morning comes, this achievement is automatically unlocked.

When morning comes, make your way towards the river with Pete. He begins to tell a story about Nick going hunting when he was a teenager. Handle the conversation however you want. The story will move forward regardless. Try taking the curious approach, asking questions when you can. Eventually Nick will catch up and get into an argument with Pete before running off towards the river.

As Clementine and Pete continue walking and talking, Nick will yell out. You arrive at the river to find several dead bodies, all of which were shot to death. When you gain control, check the only dead body you can before spotting the one across the river. As you approach it, you’ll notice he has your backpack and is still alive. Tell him that’s your backpack, and you’ll ask him about Christa before recognizing him as one of the men who was there. He’ll ask you for water. It’s up to you what you choose here. He won’t tell you what happened to her either way.

When you make your decision, Pete will be attacked and bitten on the ankle by a Walker, although he’ll claim he just lost his footing. At the same time, Nick is surrounded and attacked. You can only save one of them, and your choice will have a significant impact on the beginning of the next episode. Whoever you choose to save, the two of you will run off in the woods together, ending the episode. 

Split Decision: This achievement automatically unlocks at the completion of All That Remains.

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