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Until Dawn Chapter 9: 2 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

Until Dawn chapter 9 opens with you in control of Mike. We would like to inform you that though we will continue to do our best to keep this walkthrough spoiler free we may need to reveal specific details in order to help you make informed and wise decisions. So read this walkthrough knowing some level of spoilers may be present. Without further ado, let’s begin.

After Mike locks the door behind him continue down the messy hallway. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in this area so feel free to explore. but explore carefully as usual. So go ahead and go to the left if you wish. In the end, however, you will have to go to the right and head up the stairs to the left. Walk around the banister and you will find a Death Totem.

Once you leave the room pass through the door with an exit sign on the wall nearby. Explore this room and pick up anything you want. Once you do that go up the stairs at the end of the room and you’ll soon find a hole in the ground. Drop down it and you will be inside the small area enclosed by a chain-link door that you couldn’t get through from the otherwise. Pick up the torch and shotgun. You will be needing those things. Seriously, listen to us. You will need them.

In the center of the room you will find a cigar. Directly across the room (left from the cigar) you will find a door with a giant piece of marble-white debris next to it. Go through the door and pick up the Danger Totem on the ground to the left of a giant hole in the wall. Outside you should see a Makeshift Grave. Once you’re done freezing your butt off go back inside where you found the cigar. Immediately to the left of the cigar is another chain-link door but it is locked. Shoot the lock with your newly acquired shotgun. You will meet an old friend via an updated Butterfly Effect. Since we didn’t kick this particular dog earlier in Chapter 5 this dog now is our best friend.

With your new friend leading the way walk outside and make your way to the next building. Open the door with the lever and squeeze through. Go down the stairs and to your left where it says detention area. You will find the Doctor’s Report on a table in the room. Exit and now go to where wolfie, your dog, is. You will discover the remains of the other dog. Go into the room to the left to find some creepy writing on the wall, and then proceed to follow wolfie down the right corridor. Follow the linear path through the broken wall at the end and move towers the camera when you see a B-Wings sign hanging above an archway. In the room to Mike’s left (right of the camera,) at the end of the hall, enjoy watching an Old Film Reel. Exit and proceed towards the camera again until you reach a room with what look to be Vesalius medical drawings hanging on the walls. There is a desk with a phone, a rusted lamp, and some books. Open the drawer to find a Case Study Dossier clue. Flip through its contents and enjoy. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Push open the wooden door with light leaking through and it will lead you to a room with a corpse holding a note.

When you are done exploring these rooms retrace your steps and find your dog. Go through the archway with the B-Wing sign now. Wolfie is waiting for you to enter the center room. A box will fall. Don’t shoot it because a Wendigo is staring at you. Shoot him instead. Since Wendigos aren’t typically hurt by bullets a chase ensues. We ran Left instead of Straight Ahead. Push the cabinet in front of the door and run into the next room locking the door behind you. Another Wendigo is in there. Don’t move and definitely don’t let the bottle roll off the table.

The next scene comprises a series of QTE options that really pressure you into following them through. We chose not to shoot any Wendigos in this section given that killing Wendigos isn’t the best option. Of course Mike doesn’t know this since he wasn’t present when the journal was discovered. But we do. Unfortunately, we eventually decided to kill a couple of them by shooting a rolling oil barrel when we were backed into a corner. You can too if you simply follow the on-screen prompts. We decided to shoot the barrel instead of them because earlier we learned that fire burns the armor off their skin and potentially kills them.

So you think you’re tough now because you killed some Wendigos. Well, the action isn’t quite over. As you proceed you’ll have more QTE prompts to respond to. Shoot open the door and choose to either Barricade it or Escape. We chose to simply Escape down a hole but unfortunately our little wolfie didn’t make it. It was a Butterfly Effect so we are unsure exactly how it would have played out if we had barricaded the door instead. Continue to escape and eventually you’ll face off against two Wendigos. We chose to keep shooting them instead of shooting the barrels. There seemed to be way too many barrels and the explosions would have surely meant our demise. A Wendigo leaps at Mike and the screen goes black. He’s fine. Don’t worry.

The scene will shift back to Ashley and the others. As Ashley, walk down the hall to a small alcove on the left. Pick up the Danger Totem on the floor, and head back to the corridor.

Lift the circular grate on the floor leading to the lower tunnels. It doesn’t look very inviting, but time to head on down. Ashley gets separated from the others, and will be confronted with a choice to either Investigate Voice, or Rejoin Group. If you recall what the notebook said about Wendigos mimicking voices, you might infer that investigating the voice is not a good idea. Good call. This keeps Ashley alive. Rejoin the group and keep going.

After a brief cutscene, your control will change over to Sam, who must climb a rock wall. She seems to know what she’s doing, so just make sure to successfully hit those QTE’s to live up to her skills. At the top, you’ll find two paths. We ended up not exploring the path on the right, instead opting to Drop Down the path on the left. However, there could have been collectibles here that we missed. Explore the right side if you feel like it, since it is unlikely Sam would die here. You will probably eventually have to end up going to the left anyway.

Follow along the curvy path until you discover a chain-link door. The door is stuck, so use the convenient shovel nearby to wedge it open. Head through this door and then through another metal door on the left.

Apparently, if you had Mike shoot one of the barrels in the last Wendigo scene, he would meet up with Sam here. However, if you followed our steps, Sam is still alone at this point. Go outside and follow the path on the right. There may have been a collectible on the left, but we didn’t look there. Explore at your own risk. Continue down the path on the right until the path forks. We kept to the right once again, where we crossed a bridge and arrived at an iron gate. Bust open the gate and proceed through.

Remove the wooden beam from the double doors and open it to find Mike struggling with a Wendigo. Had you shot those barrels earlier as Mike, he would have met up with Sam by now. Nice going. Sprint forward and whack the Wendigo using your shovel, giving Mike just enough time to get up. The chapter concludes here.

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