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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 7: Lights Out

by Prima Games Staff

In this article we cover Chapter 7: Lights Out in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. He main goal of this chapter in the game is to escape the mansion and gain a better understanding of the stealth controls in Uncharted 4. To get things started off, head up the stairs and make your way to the right as you jump on the railing and over to the small tower nearby. At this point you’ll learn about how enemies react when they catch a glimpse of your so take note.

Head to the left to find two guards looking in your direction. Drop down and head left once again as you climb up the side of the building so the guards can’t see you. When you reach the tower and another guard directly above, head to the left to the far side of the structure to avoid him. Continue until you see a pipe that’s sticking out of the wall and use it to head through the window and into the adjacent building.

Move through the building and out the window on the far side to reach the rooftop. Use the edge of the wall as cover to avoid the patrol, then move your cover location to the next portion of the roof when the coast is clear. Once the guard moves again, use the balcony above to reach the nearby building, something you’ll be doing frequently in the Lights Out chapter of Uncharted 4.

When you reach the next area it’s time to learn stealth by using the tall grass. Use the grass to quietly take down two guards in the area and hide their bodies. Continue to move up using stairs and eventually climbing into a window. If you try to leave the room you end up fighting Nadine and having a little conversation as well.

Once you’re back outside, swing over to the pipes and eventually to the roof nearby, then head over to the round sign and use Sam’s gun to take down the guards here. Jump over to the location of the guards you just took down, then take down the next two guards and hide their bodies in the tall grass. You’ll have to do this again with the next two enemies that make their way up the stairs, then jump up to the window and head inside the building.

You need to quietly take down another batch of patrolling guards until you reach the power line. Slide down to find Sam below, then move between cover locations as you enter a fire fight with more hostile forces. Make sure you watch out for grenades and roll away accordingly to avoid taking damage. Once Sully appears with the car, jump inside to watch a cut scene that concludes this chapter.

At this point you can continue on to the next chapter, The Grave of Henry Avery, or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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