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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 20: No Escape

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers Chapter 20: No Escape in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Like many of the chapters before it, you will have to defeat quite a few hostile forces as you progress, but you won’t have to deal with any puzzles. Start things off by moving forward and head up the ledges to the right. When you reach the top take a look at the ship graveyard, then move around right corner and use your grappling hook to swing over to the adjacent platform.

Climb up the left on the left and head around the corner to find a few hostiles below. Take down the enemies on the platform closest to you, then continue to each adjacent platform until you reach the ships below. Use the grappling hook to reach the mast platforms so you have higher ground on the hostiles below, but keep an eye out for the heavily armed enemies as they can be problematic.

When you reach the bottom, make your way through the ship’s hold as more hostile forces appear ahead. Make quick work of the enemies using the weaponry scattered about, then continue through the ship as you move debris out the way so you c an access the hole in the back of the ship. When you get out to the beach you’ll find more enemies waiting for you.

Head over the rocks and take on the enemies that are shooting at Sam. You can use the red barrels here to make your job a little easier. Climb up the ladder to Sam, then move across the deck as you look out for more hostile forces. Head up to the floor above and use the RPG to take down the enemies off in the distance before you head over to their ship. You may not be able to take them all down, but get as many as you can.

Once the hostile trucks arrive, follow Elena as you climb through the hole to the left and eventually head into the water. Dive through the holes in the ship as you look for a spot where you can resurface. When you get to the next beach be prepared for even more hostile forces as you proceed through the building. Make your way through the street and up the chimney as you grapple over to the wall directly ahead.

Continue onward to the end of the street and collect the RPG to take down the armored truck. Head back to move over to the ruins where you need to push the cart below the ledge so you can climb up to the top and out the upper window. Push the wooden beam over the edge and jump to the far platform before using your rope to pull the other across and climb up yourself.

Keep moving down the path as you push the cart over to the right wall. Climb on the cart so you can reach the top of the wall and drop down on the far side. This will conclude the chapter. At this point you can move on to Brother’s Keeper or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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