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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 18: New Devon

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers Chapter 18: New Devon in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. As you progress through the chapter you will explore the ruins of New Devon and find out what happened to the people who lived there. Of course it can’t be just that simple, so you’ll have to deal with hostile forces along the way. First things first, start the chapter by moving forward from the broken bridge and pick up the treasure around the far left wall.

Climb across the wooden posts that line the path ahead. To reach the posts, climb up on top of the pillar in the middle of the marsh, then jump over to the first post where the hanging cage is located. Continue jumping from post to post until you reach the wall on the far side, then jump up to the cage and use the bricks to make it to the top of the wall.

Dive into the water below and continue around the corner to the left as you follow the wooden planks through the abandoned building to the left. Take a closer look at the note on the bed, then head up to the second floor and look at the symbol on the wall. Fall through the doorway near the symbol but keep a close eye on the enemies patrolling on the far side of the pond.

Move through the tall grass and head underwater if you wish to avoid being spotted by the enemies, then head inside the building and make quick work of the hostiles inside. When you get to the higher floors, be careful of the sniper by the bridge to the far right. Once the enemies are down, go up the stairs and past the bridge to the right as you move into the cave behind the bridge.

Climb up the stone slabs to the left, then dive into the water below and swim under the underwater opening. Duck as you move through the corridor on the right and climb up the ledge, then stand on the edge of the broken step and jump over to the branch so you can swing onto the grass-covered platform and leave the cave behind.

Pick up the note on the table and the treasure behind the waterfall, then use the grappling hook to reach the ledge next to the waterfall. Push the crate down and attach a rope to the crate so you can pull it to the platform on the far right at the end of the stream. Once the crate is in place you can use it to reach the floor above.

Head across the roof as you look out on New Devon, then swim through the house to the left once everything collapses. Continue through the hallway, then climb up to the floor above and search for a few treasure pieces before you move through the window and up the ledges just outside.

There’s a group of cannons to the left as you should be heading into the next house. Stand on the beam to the right as you wait for Elena to do her part, then move on to the next beam and jump over to the lattice on the far wall. Move around the corner to reach the floor above, then knock down the bookcase to give Elena a hand. There’s another bookcase blocking a hole in the wall that must be moved so you can continue through the hall and double doors just beyond.

Following the next cut scene, move through the adjacent room and follow the path until you can climb up the pillar and into the house. Move through the hole to the left and head upstairs. When you start opening the white doors a few hostiles will attack so be ready for battle. Take out the enemies and continue through the doors, then read the note near the dead body and proceed through the next set of doors on the far side of the hall. Take a closer look at the items in the room, then go down the stairs that appear and pull the lever to open the gate when you reach the end of the path.

Continue through the corridor to complete the chapter. At this point you can move on to Avery’s Descent or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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