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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers Chapter 17: For Better or Worse in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. As you progress through this chapter you will have to meet up with Elena and make your way over to New Devon. However, before that happens let’s start things off as you move up the path and across the stream. Help Elena up the ladder to the left, then go up the ladders yourself once it drop downs. Circle around to the right after you see the elevator, the climb up the cliff face and move across the gap before helping Elena up another ladder located to the left of the waterfall.

Look for a way to move up, then attach your rope to the crate and pull it toward the pillar near the middle of the water. Jump onto the crate so you can move over to the pillar, then climb up to the top and cross via the log just ahead. When you jump across the broken bridge, be ready to use your grappling hook to swing over to the wall once you start to slide down the mud.

Climb up to the platform near the waterwheel and wait for the lift. Grab the wooden boards and use the elevator to head up. Circle around to the left side of the stone wall, but be careful of the hostile forces nearby when you get to the hanging wooden beams. Make quick work of the enemies, then join up with Elena again and head to the bottom of the area around the bridge where you’ll find some treasure.

Head down the stairs and collect the treasure, then go back to the ledge above and jump over to the pillar. Continue to jump as you move over to the path with an archway where you’ll find a group of hostiles around Elena’s vehicle. Mark the enemies so you can easily track their movements, then head over to the nearby truck.

Use the tall grass to take down the enemies with stealth tactics, but keep an eye on the sniper located in the tower above. Take out the enemies then get in the truck and head toward the waterfall. Continue to follow the driver as you drive through the archway you saw before. Take the path to the left of the waterfall until you reach the elevator at the end. Driver over to the waterwheel and park the truck so it’s facing the wall.

Put the winch on the front side of the truck and connect it to the wooden beam so you can clear the debris that blocks your path. Head up the structure here to find treasure on the second level, then push the crate against the wall to the right and use it to reach the floor above. Head out the window and make your way around the structure as you wait for Elena to pull the beam.

Jump across to the waterwheel and head right to push the elevator mechanism. Make haste as you run to the elevator before it’s too late. Keep an eye out for hostile forces along the cliff as you ride the lift, then jump over to the pillar and take down the foes at the top. Use the grappling hook to go back to Elena, then take the truck and head up the path.

Make your way across the rapids as you approach the dam at the top. Climb out onto the platform in the middle of the river and use your grappling hook to reach the broken bridge on the left. Head up the stairs and turn the wheel at the top, then climb over the gate doors to the platform on the right and turn the second wheel to open the other gate.

Take the truck through the mud path on the right as you pick up speed so you can make it over the broken bridge. Head to the top of the river and climb up the ladder on the right. Search through the hut to find a note and some treasure out the back window. Hold the elevator gate as Elena maneuvers the car, then pull the lever and head up to the top. Open the gate again and continue to drive along the path as you cross over the bridge, then grapple to the branch just before the drop and swing over to the cliff.

Climb up the ledges directly ahead, collect the note on the ledge to the right, then continue to the top of the waterfall. Keep moving up the path until you hit the broken bridge again. When you reach the bridge you will be at the end of the chapter. At this point you can move on to New Devon or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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