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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. As you delve into the chapter you will uncover some of the details surrounding Nate and Sam’s past, but first you need to start off the chapter heading up the small staircase as you follow the path to the left. Get up onto the rooftop of the shed and move onto the roof of the garage before jumping over to the ledge of the large window nearby that gives you access to the attic.

Search through the attic as you look for a note on the desk to the left. Follow Sam as he heads down the hatch, and continue to look for the notebooks Sam is so adamant to find. Head around the corner to the left to find another note in the next room, then continue down the hallway to the right and give Sam a hand as he opens the door.

Look through the room here and collect the treasure near the top of the stairs to the right. Now move down the stairs on the left and open the box on the floor just ahead of the door to find another notebook. Continue through the pantry to the right as you move into the kitchen, then look around for more loot. You may also want to spin the globe around as well.

A short conversation follows, then head into the adjacent room and continue through the dining hall as you look through the various items you pass. You can’t go into the doors at the top of the stairs, so keep searching for notes in the main room as you learn more about what’s going on. Head over to the windows and help Sam move the bookshelf, then shake the photo as you wait for it to develop.

Climb up the bookshelf and jump over to the ledge above the nearby window, then head left and move around the corner until you can climb up to the ship wheel and jump up to the vent. Move into the vent and head down the second opening on the left, then kick open the grate that blocks your path and drop into the room below. Collect the key on the desk near the bed and look around the room for various other items of interest, such as a note on the desk by the window.

Once you’ve collect a few more goodies, unlock the door in this room and the room next door, then open the box under the desk in the center of the room and search the contents within. A cut scene plays, then head out of the room and through the window. Move along the gutter until you c an jump over to the adjacent rooftop, then climb down the chimney and back to the ground.

Follow Sam as you avoid detection, then climb into the dumpster and over the wall. One more cut scene and this chapter comes to an end. At this point you can continue on to For Better or Worse, or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide!

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