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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to complete Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. There isn’t a puzzle that needs to be solved in this chapter, so sit back, pull out your weapon of choice and take on the slew of hostiles that will be thrown at you during this portion of the game. To kick things off, jump down off the roof as you start to explore Libertalia. You can find a number of treasures throughout the buildings here if you search around a bit. There’s a note and some other loot along the right side of the area.

Make your way toward the structures to the far right (beyond the mist) to find a building with jail cells inside. Move into the building directly across from that and jump over the wooden barrier on the first floor. Move under the ramp as you enter the tunnel just beyond and continue through the hideout. Take a close look at items and maps you encounter along the way until you reach a ladder on the far side.

Climb up the ladder and move through the level above, then attach a rope to the pole on the far left so you can rappel down to the open chasm below. Swing over to the platform and be on the lookout for any hostile forces in the area. You need to make your way through the ruins, moving past the hostiles and get to the building on the other side. Use the tall grass to avoid detection as you stealthily take down enemies.

Go through the windows on the far right side of the building, then traverse the area as you climb through the ruins. You’re looking for a big pole with a few prongs sticking out at the top. When you find it jump over to the pole and move around the corner to the outer structures. There will be a few more hostiles ahead that need to be taken down.

Once that’s done, boost Sam into a window on the far side, then move into the building yourself. Move across the beam, then drop into the adjacent room and open the double doors. Move around the edge of the building, then head up the ladder in the next doorway. Climb up to the top of the broken tower and use the grappling hook to move over to the beam. Swing across to the next structure and continue using your grappling hook to make your way over to the far building where there’s a hole in the wall.

Head through the opening as you explore the balconies looking for treasure, then head through the square doorway to the left. Move under the debris on the far side of the corridor as you head into the courtyard, then examine the ruins and continue up the main stairs and into the hallway where there are a bunch of statues. Unlock the golden doors using the lever to the left, then help Sam push them open so you can enter the next room and complete the chapter.

At this point you can move on to The Thieves of Libertalia or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide!

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