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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 6: Gates of Kaon

by Bryan Dawson

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

Objective: Destroy the Autobot Enforcers. 

Adjust your loadout at the terminal to the right if necessary. There are three Enforcers that need to be taken out. The first two Enforcers are accompanied by several Autobots. Use your turret ability to attack the Enforcer while you make quick work of the accompanying Autobots. Defeat each Enforcer, then continue to the following waypoint to find the next Enforcer. 

Objective: Support Shockwave. 

Once all of the Enforcers are down, head back to Shockwave’s position and take out a few remaining Autobots to initiate another cut-scene. At this point, you just need to hold out long enough for Shockwave to call for air support. 

Objective: Move through the battlefield. 

Make your way to the next waypoint, then use your turret ability when the two Autobots appear behind you. When the barrier drops, head through it and move around until you see another group of Autobots. Move toward the Titan and use your turret ability to get a steady barrage of gunfire on it. While the turret is attacking, use everything you’ve got to take it down as quickly as possible, then focus on the remaining Autobots. 

Objective: Move to Onslaught’s location.

Objective: Destroy the bridges.

Objective: Defend the Gates of Kaon.

Objective: Move inside the Gates. 

Move to Onslaught’s location (the next waypoint) to form Brutucus. The giant Decepticon moves rather slowly, but he has a shield that protects you from most attacks, and it only takes a single attack to take down most enemies. Make your way to the two bridges and destroy them, then move to the next objective point and attack anything that looks at you. Use your shield to avoid taking damage. Once you’ve done enough damage, head to the next waypoint to complete the chapter.

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