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Thief Complete Walkthrough – Prologue: The Drop – How to Keep Up with Erin

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Objective 1: Reach the Drop Location

When you gain control of Garret, immediately loot the room. Don’t worry about waking up the drunk on the bed. He’s down for the count. Approach the lit candles in the room and interact with them. This will put the flames out, an important skill that you will need throughout the game. Go through the room, making sure you snatch up anything that glimmers. When you’re done, exit through the window.

Walk across the beam and pry open the window to enter the attic. Stay crouched in this area. Birds will give away your position if you make too much noise. Go through the curtains, avoiding the cages to the painting at the other side of the room. Feel for the switch, pressing it to reveal the safe. Pick the safe and claim Unique Loot (1/9) – The Glittering Plumage. Exit out the window to your left and move to the right. Snatch the Rope Arrow from the box and fire it at the anchor beam above you. Climb the rope and jump to the platform to meet Erin.

When the meeting is over, follow Erin until you slide down a slanted roof, ending the chase.

Objective 2: Remain Silent and Out of Sight

Follow Erin until she climbs the wall and takes off. You need to cross the street, but don’t miss out on the loot laying around. There’s one piece by the cart not far from the two pedestrians, one piece close to the fence and one more on the barrel by the ladder. Climb the ladder once you’ve collected them all. Climb up to Erin and duck under the pipe. Follow her forward, taking a right and moving across a beam. Use your Blackjack to lower the ladder before climbing up.

Follow your objective through the open window and loot the room thoroughly, being sure to check all cabinets and drawers. Pick the lock to enter the bedroom, again making sure to steal everything that you can. Make sure to snag the Voyeur’s Diary from the desk; it’s the only Document in the Prologue. When you’re done, exit through the window.

Cross the beam to your left and pry open the window on the other side. Plunder this entire room, making sure to locate the loose brick on the wall. Press it to uncover a secret compartment in the wall. Grab the valuables and head upstairs.

Objective 3: Move Through the Gardens

Stay crouched and follow Erin, keeping an eye out for a wineglass on the ground. Walk up behind the whistling guard and pick his pocket. Move through the door and vault the railing in front of you. Head straight across the water toward your objective. Move very slowly so that you aren’t heard. Head to the east and grab the Water Arrow from the box. Use it to extinguish the flame mounted on the east wall. Move north through the shadows, being careful not to make too much noise. Grab the ashtray and head up the stairs.

When Erin takes out the guard, move behind the second guard and do the same. Throw his body in the shadows for good measure. There’s nothing to collect in this area, so pick the locked door and move on.

Objective 4: Meet Erin on the Roof

Sneak up behind the guard and knock him out. If you prefer the non-violent route, toss a bottle to distract him and sneak past. There’s some loot on the ground in front of him, so be sure to grab it. Climb up the crate and onto the beam. Follow it east and climb on the scaffolding. Jump to the rope, ascending to the roof where you will meet up with Erin again.

Objective 5: Steal Erin’s Claw

This is perhaps the easiest objective in the game. Walk about five feet until Erin stops and steal the Claw from her. Doing this will end the Prologue: The Drop. Completing this mission will unlock The Drop, either a trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on. 

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