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Thief Complete Walkthrough Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – How to Open the General’s Strongbox

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

  • Remain Undetected – 250 G
  • Pick 10 Pockets – 200 G
  • 10 Combat Takedowns – 175 G
  • Lift All Loot Items – 250 G

Before you begin this chapter, it’s highly advised that you spend some time getting to know The City. There are numerous districts, each with dozens of houses and apartments to loot. Doing this will allow you to earn gold, which you can then spend on Focus abilities, tools and weapons. To get this mission, visit Basso at The Crippled Burrick. When you’re done, head to the Shady Merchant just outside the pub doors (he’s indicated on your map as well). Aside from the wrench tool, it’s never a bad idea to stock up on all the various arrow types that are available.

Objective 1: Find a Way into the Foundry

There’s some common loot in the main part of the yard as you start the chapter. Feel free to go after it, but we decided on a more subtle approach. Jump to the rope and descend to the walkway below. Cross under the bridge and use the wrench tool to unscrew the vent. Follow it to the other side where you will emerge in the Dust Yard.

There’s nobody here, so you can walk around without fear. Snag the poppy from the ground and Climb on the crane in the middle of the yard. Jump to the east roof, head north and climb down a ladder. In the shed you’ll find Memories of the Dead (1/6) – Charity’s Memory, your first piece of collectible loot in this chapter. Plunder the shed (use Focus to make this easier) and climb back out.

Scale the pipe to the north and follow it until you reach an open vent. Follow it to your objective and spy on the lone guard below. Quickly take him out with an aerial attack to complete your first objective.

Objective 2: Discover Where the Bodies are Taken

Head upstairs and hop over the crates when you reach a dead end. Steal everything in the office before exiting back the way you came. Head downstairs to complete your objective.

Objective 3: Hook on to the Assembly Line

Jump out the east window and onto a beam. Jump to the north walkway and head east again. Sneak up behind the guard and knock him out. Take the loot from his body and keep going east, looting as you go. When you reach the assembly line, hook on to go for a ride.

Don’t let your guard down as you score a free ride. As soon as you can see the crossbow guard, drop to the ground to complete your objective.

Objective 4: Move Through the Old Manufacturing Area

This area is a maze of rooms and vents that contain a great deal of loot. Spend a few minutes exploring, making sure not to step on broken glass. There’s a lot of loot in the maze of rooms, vents and hallways. In fact, in the southwest hallway of the map, you will find a box with some blunt arrows. When you find the arrows, go east around the corner (watch out for guards) and notice an anchor beam above. Fire a Rope Arrow and then climb up. Hop over to the high walkway where you’ll find Flowers Eternal (2/6) – Daisy Brooch. Snag it and jump down to continue your journey.

Head through the north door. Be sure to neutralize any guards you come across. Typically they will split up, giving you an opportunity to knock them out individually. Head for the north stairwell and go up. A lone guard patrols the corridor. Wait for him to turn his back and take him out as well. To the east will be a boarded up door with a peephole. Look through to see a secret room. Head up the north stairs to a dead end and leap over the banister. Go through the crawl space to reach the secret room.

Plunder everything inside, including the safe. If you’re looking for the combination, it’s 3, 1, 4. Grab the Unique Loot (3/9) – Soul of the Automaton if you’re looking for the collectibles. There’s also loot up on the walkway above, so grab it and go through the hole below you. Move east until you come to a sleeping guard. Best to knock him out before grabbing the note on the wall and completing your objective.

Objective 5: Find a Way to Bypass the Security Door

You can’t go through the door near the sleeping guard without a key. Loot the room, including the chest near the guard. It’s locked, but you can pick it. Once you open it, you’ve found the key you seek.

If you’re trying to gather more loot, backtrack through the east door where you’ll find two guards and an inspector. There are no collectibles in there (besides a document), so we’re just going to show you how to progress through the chapter. Use the key and open the door to complete your objective.

Objective 6: Hook Back on to the Assembly Line

Use the cabinet to save your progress and steal all the room has to offer. Move to the balcony and hook back on to the assembly line. Again, be sure to drop off as soon as you see a guard. Trust us, it’s no fun getting shot while hooked to an assembly line.

Objective 7: Find the Body of Cornelius

This is a quick one. Just move forward to trigger the cut scene with the Thief-Taker General. When you regain control, the objective is complete.

Objective 8: Steal the Ring from the General

Keep heading to your objective and then climb up to the south. Snag the note off the wall. Quietly move north and go through the door where you can find Serendi Stone Circles (2/7) – Diamond Circle. Go back the way you came and post up close to where you snagged the note off the wall a moment ago. There are four guards in front of you. Sneak up to the one that’s close, knocking him out. Oddly, you won’t get caught. Move along the north wall of the room, swooping between the inspection tables. Don’t worry about the guards. Just head up the stairs and peer through the keyhole to complete your objective.

Objective 9: Find Another Way into the Office

Back up a bit and climb the south wall of the furnace room (close to the guard leaning against the pillar). Head into the vent and drop into the office.

Objective 10: Open the General’s Strongbox

Before you do anything, plunder the entire room. Lastly, move to the strongbox, which requires you to solve a puzzle. Luckily, we’ve done it for you. The image you’re trying to re-create is one of the pictures on the wall. If it helps at all, the center should feature a circle. When the box opens, grab Client Loot (3/8) – Cornelius’s Ring. In case you’re wondering, Client Loot (2/8) – The Mechanical Hand can be found in the Client Job – Hand Tailored.

Objective 11: Escape the Foundry

Time to get out of here. Open the door, being careful not to alert the two guards outside. You can try to sneak past them or take them out when they split up. Head south through the gate where there are two more guards. Again, you can sneak past them or simply sprint and jump onto the wall, making a daring escape.

When you’re over the wall, go south and climb the pipe on the east wall. Follow it across and exit the building through the south window. You can drop down (crashing through the roof) or take out all the guards from the safety of your perch. Totally up to you. We killed them all with Fire Arrows before we dropped down. Keep heading toward your objective, through a crawl space and out the window to complete the chapter.

By completing this chapter, players will unlock the Dust to Dust trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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