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Thief (2014) Walkthrough – Client Job 6: Heartbroken

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

Lift All Loot Items – 250 G

You must complete Chapter 6: A Man Apart to unlock this client job from Ector.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton’s Heart

There are absolutely no threats in this final job, just a lot of creepy noises as you move about. You don’t need to sneak; just be sure not to miss any loot as you go.

When you begin the job, don’t press any buttons. Clockwise has quite the elaborate setup. Pushing buttons can completely change the layout of the residence, making looting difficult.

To begin, go through every door you possibly can on the first floor. Loot every single room, including the display showing the Baron’s bust. Don’t push the button on the display. Continue looting the first floor, second floor and basement. You can go through doors; just stay away from buttons. Make sure to snag Whiteridge’s Duty (6/6) The Burnished Lady from the bedroom on the second floor. Use your Focus to double and triple check every room. Keep a keen eye out for documents. They are essential to solving a puzzle later on.

When you’re satisfied you have everything, press the switch located on the display where you stole the Baron’s bust. The walls will now shift, giving you access to new rooms.

Repeat the process of looting every single room you can. Again, no buttons. Just loot all of the rooms to the south, east and west. Use Focus, looking high and low to make sure you have everything. With the area sufficiently looted, press the switch on the east room’s north wall.

This will again cause the walls to shift. Once again, loot every room that’s available to you, utilizing your Focus as you go. When you’ve got everything, look for a bookshelf in one of the rooms. Use Focus to see that you can interact with it. Find the trigger book and pull it to reveal a wall switch. Press the switch, then start looting again, paying attention to a new room to the kitchen’s south. 

Use Focus to find the loose brick in the wall. Press the brick, step on the elevator and take a ride to the attic. Loot the attic, making sure you pick up at least two documents. Press another loose brick to reveal Clockwise’s Puzzle. This one’s difficult, so we’re going to give you very specific instructions to solve it.

Imagine the highlighted brick you start on as being assigned the number one. Each brick after it takes a number, with the last brick numbered 10. You can scroll left or right, but only one direction when you are stationed on brick one. From your starting brick (brick one), scroll in the only direction you can, never backtracking. Press down on bricks 2-5-7-9-10. Solving the puzzle will reveal another elevator, this time to the basement.

You’ve reached another puzzle. This one is called Project Pendulum and requires the use of all the documents you’ve been collecting on this job. Check your journal for documents obtained during Ector Client Jobs. Make sure you have the following.

Project Pendulum – Day 1

Project Pendulum – Day 6

Project Pendulum – Day 8

Project Pendulum – Day 11

Project Pendulum – Day 13

If you’re missing one, you need to backtrack through the house and find it. Each document has a symbol that will match one of the floor tiles. Identify the symbol from Day 1, then move in a direct line to that symbol. Find the symbol from Day 6, making a straight path to that one. You can cross onto symbols that don’t match, but you must be on your way to (in a direct path) the next symbol in the documents. If you make a wrong step, the door will close. Just return to the room’s entrance to try again. Once you solve the puzzle, claim Client Loot (8/8) – Automaton’s Heart from the pedestal.

Objective 2: Escape from Clockwise’s Residence

Getting out of the residence is quite easy. Look for a ladder to the east and climb up, backtracking out the door you entered the residence from. This will complete the Heartbroken client job. If you have all six of the client jobs complete, you will unlock the Working Overtime trophy/achievement.

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