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Thief (2014) Walkthrough – Client Job 3: Silence is Golden

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

Remain Undetected – 350 G

1 Environmental Exploit – 100 G

Headshot 3 Threats – 85 G

Lift All Loot Items – 215 G

You must complete Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets to unlock this client job from Ector.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton’s Voice Box

This is another job where completing the Thieving Challenges forces you to take a violent approach. For those after the Moral Victory trophy or achievement, it applies to the in-game chapters, not the client jobs. 

As soon as you begin, climb onto the balcony to overhear a conversation between Perry and one of his guards. When it’s over, Perry will go inside. Let this happen. As the guard patrols the area, wait for him to stop and then drop him with a headshot from a Broadhead Arrow. Next, take out the caged dog with either a Choke Arrow or another Broadhead Arrow. Look up afterwards to see a large crate hanging overhead. Shoot it down with one of your Blunt Arrows to complete the one Environmental Exploit Thieving Challenge. You must neutralize the caged dog first or you will be detected, failing the Remain Undetected Thieving Challenge.

Jump down from the ledge, loot the area and then drop into the basement. Once inside, don’t move until you use your Focus. The basement is trapped. You can loot it, but don’t touch the locked chest just yet.

This next part is tricky. Head part way up the stairs to see two guards talking. When one walks away, take down the guard leaning against the wall with a head shot from a Broadhead Arrow. Then move quickly to turn the lights out in the room. The switch is found while you’re still on the stairs, on the right side of the wall. As soon as the second guard returns, take him out with another headshot from your Broadhead or Sawtooth Arrows. This will complete the Headshot three Threats Thieving Challenge for a cool 85 G.

Head upstairs to Perry’s residence. He’s asleep in a chair, but we advise knocking him out or taking him down with another head shot. The choice is yours. Hack the control box on the bedroom wall using the Wire Cutter Tool. Loot the room, making sure to collect Whiteridge’s Duty (3/6) – The Observant Lady from a drawer. Make sure the place is picked clean and then head back down to the basement.

Be sure to search the entire shop, grabbing The Court of Montonessi (7/12) – The Grace of Insecurity off the wall. You’ll need the Razor Tool from the Shady Merchant to grab it. Don’t forget to hit the wall safe to complete your objective by stealing Client Loot (6/8) – The Voice Box

Objective 2: Escape the Pawnshop

When the area is picked clean, head back the way you came in, climbing onto the crates. Just head to where you started the job, exiting to complete Silence is Golden.

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