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Thief (2014) Walkthrough – Client Job 2: Happy Medium

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

Remain Undetected – 200 G

Take No Damage – 90 G

2 Combat Takedowns – 25 G

Lift All Loot Items – 175 G

You must complete Chapter 2: Dust to Dust to unlock this client job from Vittori.

Objective 1: Find a Clue to the Skull’s Whereabouts

If you plan to complete all the Thieving Challenges in this mission, you have no choice but to kill or knock a couple guards out. That’s up to you, as the two Combat Takedowns Thieving Challenge will only get you 25 G. Either way, no violence for the first part.

As you go through this job, check all the areas for loot. There’s too much to individually point out, so be thorough if you want the Lift All Loot Items Thieving Challenge. It’s also worth noting that if you become detected at any point, you fail the job. Passing the job at all will snag you 200 G extra for Remaining Undetected.

Lenny will have a conversation. To complete your first objective, remain unseen and listen in. Keep in mind you will be face-to-face with Lenny several times. Don’t worry, he’s too drunk to blow your cover so you don’t have to bother hiding from him.

Objective 2: Open the Gate for Lenny the Drunk

There’s some loot nearby, so be sure to grab it before vaulting the wall and opening the gate for Lenny. In order to find the item you’re looking for, you’ll have to guide him through the streets.

Objective 3: Keep Lenny Moving to Reach His Hideout

Lenny will start chatting with two nearby guards. It’s not a short conversation, so quickly loot the nearby area. If you look to Lenny’s right, you’ll see a valve. Wait until one of the guards asks for a light and then turn the valve. Nobody gets hurt, but the guard definitely gets his light. Be sure to turn the valve off and then get back to following Lenny.

Keep following Lenny until he starts to flirt with a lady along the way. Sneak to the west, using your Wrench Tool to snag City Heritage Plaques (11/16) – South Quarter Sluices. Then head east, being very careful not to get spotted while looting the surrounding area. There’s another valve here. Turn it to give Lenny’s friend a bath and get him back on the road.

Lenny will once again come to a locked gate. Lenny doesn’t do well with locked gates. Pick the lock for him so that you can complete your objective, getting him to his hideout.

Objective 4: Steal the Skull

Lenny will call out to his fellow gang members. Just stay off to the side, sneaking in when the chat moves indoors. This is a lengthy conversation, so get comfy and enjoy it. When it’s over, Lenny goes to finish his drink. Sneak up behind the Eelbiter and knock him out, then do the same to Lenny. From here, go about looting the main floor, being sure to collect Whiteridge’s Duty (2/6) – The Constant Lady from the chest. 

Head downstairs to the basement where there’s a lone Eelbiter. Wound him in the leg with a Broadhead Arrow, then quickly move in and finish him off for your first combat takedown. Be sure to collect all the loot before backtracking to the main floor and moving upstairs. 

There’s another Eelbiter up here. Again, wound him in the leg with a Broadhead Arrow, then move in and finish him off with your Blackjack. This will be your second, completing the two Combat Takedowns Thieving Challenge while also Remaining Undetected. Grab Client Loot (4/8) – The Talking Skull and make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Objective 5: Return to the City

When you’re satisfied the place is picked clean, move to the first floor and head out the west window. Backtrack the same way you entered, staying in the shadows to Remain Undetected, completing this client job and all four Thieving Challenges.

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