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Thief (2014) Walkthrough – Client Job 1: Hand Tailored

by Prima Games Staff

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

Thieving Challenges

Remain Undetected – 120 G

Pick 5 Pockets -90 G

1 Kill or Knockout – 50 G

Lift All Loot items – 230 G

You must complete Chapter 1: Lockdown to unlock this client job from Ector.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton’s Mechanical Hand

As this client job begins, listen in on the conversation between an Eelbiter and a civilian. When it ends, the civilian will walk towards you. Don’t worry, he won’t give you away. An Eelbiter now stands guard outside the front door of the shop. It’s time to choose your approach.

There is no reward to not harming the Eelbiters in this client job. If you’re after Thieving Challenges, just make sure to pick their pockets before you knock them out. If you just want to beat the job and move on, feel free to take them out using any means necessary.

Players who don’t want to harm anyone can simply pick this guy’s pockets and move on. Sneak up on his left, your right and get behind him. Watch out for broken glass that will give away your position. He has two coin purses. Steal them both and decide his fate. Knock him out or leave him be. If you choose not to harm anyone, you will fail the one Kill or Knockout Thieving Challenge. If you’re worried about the Moral Victory trophy or achievement, don’t be. It only applies to the in-game chapters.

Whatever approach you take, move down the alley on the right side. Climb in a window and loot a small side room. Do not try to access the shop from the back entrance. Look on the ground near the cart for a Poppy and then climb onto the crates by the door. Climb further up to a small room. Hit the lights in the next room and stay here until an Eelbiter’s patrol appears. Sneak up behind him to pick his pocket and knock him out, completing the one Kill or Knockout Thieving Challenge if you left the first Eel alone. If you don’t want to harm him, wait until he leaves and then loot the two rooms before sneaking into the vent prior to his return. If you want to leave him unharmed, looting the residence will be a game of cat and mouse, moving from room-to-room as you try to avoid detection. Be sure to grab The Court of Montonessi (3/12) – Guilt Has Black Wings off the wall by using the Razor Tool. You can also find Whiteridge’s Duty (1/6) – The Statuesque Lady by picking the lock on the night stand in the bedroom.

When you’re done, head down to the basement where a lone guard is wandering around, bypassing the main floor completely. Wait for him to turn his back to you, picking his pocket and knocking him out. If you don’t wish to harm the guard, wait for him to move away from the safe and then pick the lock. This will be nearly impossible, but a good challenge for those who prefer the pacifist approach. If you don’t harm the guard, pick the lock and hide again. Let him patrol and then move away, giving you a chance to grab Client Loot (2/8) – The Mechanical Hand. No matter your approach, head upstairs to the main floor when you’re done.

Objective 2: Escape Alfonso’s Attire

All that’s left is the main floor. As you climb the stairs, the remaining Eelbiter will be beating the tailor. Let him knock him out before sneaking up behind him and picking his pocket. If you plan to knock him out, do so and then loot the room. If you aren’t harming anyone, sneak around the room, looting as you avoid his patrol. When you’re done, exit through the front door and back to where you started.

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