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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 6

by Prima Games Staff

Super Mario 3D World pays homage to a plethora of classic Mario Games, including Super Mario Bros. 2 (with the ability to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (the Tanooki Suit makes a welcome reappearance).  Of course, this brand-new adventure has plenty of unique elements, beginning with the Super Bell that transforms your hero into a Cat; adorable, by the way.

With Bowser running amok once again, we happily fired up Nintendo’s charming adventure to create this in-depth guide. We’ll tell you how to find all three Green Stars per level, along with the collectible Stamp. With this in mind, it’s time to master World 4.

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World 6

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-B:  Fire Bros. Hideout #3

You can access this stage as soon as you reach World 6. From Prima’s official guide, “look for the pictured patch of ground on the map to discover the pipe that leads to it.”

This fight is all sorts of crazy. You have to beat two Hammer Bros., two Boomerang Bros. and one Fire Bro. Impossible? Of course not. These bozos can hit each other with their own projectiles, so jump at the best times and watch them take each other out. You earned that Green Star! 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-1: Clear Pipe Cruise

You’ll encounter tricky pipes in this course, some of which feature enemies and spiked balls. Be extra careful. Otherwise, you’ll lose Power-Ups and precious lives.

How do I find the Green Stars in Clear Pipe Cruise?

Green Star #1

Head through the short horizontal pipe and you’ll see a much larger one, filled with spiked orbs, and low and behold, the first Green Star on the left. Hm, it’s nestled between two of those spiked balls, but wait, there’s a Super Star to the right. Dive into the pipe and get the star, then maneuver your character into harm’s way and watch as he or she smashes through those spiked balls with ease. The Star is yours. Now use the remaining invincibility to get rid of the other spiked balls so you can proceed.

Green Star #2

It sits within a clear section of pipe. Below, two sets of indestructible monsters go in and out. Go inside and press Up to get the Star. Don’t go down just yet. Wait for one of monster groups to pass and then get the heck out of there.

Green Star #3

Past the Checkpoint Flag a little ways is one of those smiley faced clouds. Jump into that guy to visit an obstacle course. Grab a potted Piranha Plant and hold on tight. Like Yoshi, it will devour the plants in front of it. The Green Star is at the end, and you’ll need to jump for it.

Where is the Stamp in World 6-1 Clear Pipe Cruise?

Immediately after passing through the Checkpoint Flag, head towards the one-way pipe on the top right, but don’t go inside. Instead, jump on top of it and carefully walk along the pipe to find the Stamp sitting just above it. A Spin Jump is ideal, and Cat Mario makes getting the Stamp a whole lot easier.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-2: Spooky Seasick Wreck

You’ll need expert platform skills to successfully navigate your way across this old shipwreck.

Tip: You can’t kill Bullies by jumping on their heads. Instead, use repeated jumps to force them near a ledge. As they teeter back and forth, deliver one final stomp to send them plummeting.

How do I find the Green Stars in Spooky Seasick Wreck?

Green Star #1

You’ll need to push two Bullies off the boat to get the first Green Star. You can even force one of the Bullies into blocks surrounding it.

Green Star #2

This Star is close to the Stamp, just below some platforms. Smash the second ? Block to discover a Super Star that makes you temporarily invincible. Now destroy all those pesky enemies standing in your way, then dive into the pit below to nab the Star.

Green Star #3

Not only does the third Green Star sit near a constantly shifting walkway, but some annoying Boos will make things difficult. Carefully navigate your character across the narrow platforms and Green Star #3 is yours.

Where is the Stamp in World 6-2 Spooky Seasick Wreck?

Go inside the second Warp Box that you come across, and you’ll get transported to a hidden room with the Stamp on the right. Watch out for those annoying Peepas.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-3: Hands-on-Hall

You’ll need the Wii U GamePad to make it through World 6-3, with numerous sliding doors that you’ll activate via the touchscreen.

Tip: Tap gongs to find extra items and gold coins.

How do I find the Green Stars in Hands-on-Hall?

Green Star #1

Head upstairs to the third flood. You’ll come across a set of double sliding doors. Open them to find absolutely nothing. What is this, some kind of trick? Sort of. Walk towards the wall directly behind these doors and give it a tap to reveal the Green Star. Oh Nintendo, so sneaky!

Tip: Use Goomba masks to trick enemies.

Green Star #2

You can see this Star from the roof, sitting inside of a pit. Grab a Propeller Box and dive into the pit to collect it, then make a quick escape. Lingering may get you killed.

Green Star #3

Once you reach the final corridor, avoid the Warp Box and head all the way down to find a gong. Hit it to produce a Mystery Box that transports you to a room containing the final Green Star. You’ll need to defeat a Spike in order to get it.

Where is the Stamp in World 6-3 Hands-on-Hall?

Keep going until you run into enemies rolling spiked rollers towards the camera. As it turns out, you can walk in the camera’s direction to find an exit leading outside the course, where the Stamp is located. 

Tip: We suggest using Cat Mario or a Propeller Box to get this Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-4: Deep Jungle Drift

How do I find the Green Stars in Deep Jungle Drift?

Green Star #1

Did you find the Stamp for this course? If so, drop into the clear pipe beneath it to get the first Green Star. Be sure to avoid the poison bog at all costs.

Tip: While on the raft, adjust the camera to make collecting gold coins easier.

Green Star #2

Near the Checkpoint Flag is a series of fences. Climb them to discover a Green Star Ring. Once you touch it, the idea here is to gather the eight green coins as quickly as possible.This may prove tricky, since some coins sit on moving platforms. Get them all and the Green Star is yours!

Green Star #3

Now that you’re on a raft, keep an eye out for a Warp Box. Climb up the wall directly behind it to see the third and final Star.

Tip: You’ll absolutely need to be a Cat to reach this Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in World Deep Jungle Drift?

Take the high road here. Fire Piranha Plants guard a tall wall. Jump off it to latch onto a trapeze that allows you to reach a platform and of course, the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-5: Ty-foo Flurries

We hope you packed your coat! This course is on the chilly and windy side. Dangerous Ty-foos will unleash wind breath and blow your character into the abyss. 

Tip: Tap a Ty-foo to temporarily prevent its wind attack.

How do I find the Green Stars in Ty-foo Flurries?

Green Star #1

There’s a cliff overlooking the spikes where you found the Stamp. Use the ? Blocks as platforms to reach the Star.

Tip: See the Ty-foo up there? He’s bad news, so do your best to avoid him.

Green Star #2

Steal an ice skate from a Goomba and use this newfound mode of transport to cross a spike trap to find a Mystery Box. Head inside to visit a bonus area where the goal involves speeding along an ice-covered slope (while avoiding enemies and objects) in 10 seconds or less. Ah yes, and you must also grab the Star. Challenging, no?

Green Star #3

You’ll find the last Green Star suspended over a pit, with the occasional wind gust preventing you from easily grabbing it. How do you succeed? Time your jump in such a way that you grab the Star right before there’s a wind gust. Do it just right and the wind blows you to safety.

Tip:Having an ice skate makes this a lot easier.

Where is the Stamp in World 6-5 Ty Foo Flurries?

You’ll encounter a single ice skating Goomba on a small ice lake. Jump on its head to take control of the ice skate, then slide along nearby spikes to get the Stamp.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-A: Prince Bully Blockade

As the title implies, this stage pits your character against Prince Bully, leader of the Bullies. You can’t jump on his head right away or hit him with a Tail Attack. The goal is to lead him into one of the pipes along the walls. He’ll pop out the other side flattened, and now’s the time to jump on this guy to score a hit, of which, you’ll need three. Beat him and get a Green Star for your trouble.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-6: Bullet Bill Base

If you hate Bullet Bills, this course is your worst nightmare. That said, the verticality of this stage makes it perfect for Cat Mario. You should have little trouble climbing walls and finding all the goodies.

How do I find the Green Stars in Bullet Bill Base?

Green Star #1

You have two ways to get this Green Star, either with the Cat Power-Up to climb walls or just going with the conveyor belts/cloud platforms. Scale the first section of the course and stick to the left. The Green Star sits at the highest point.

Tip:Look for a Sprixie somewhere in this course. She’ll give you a great view.

Green Star #2

Look for raised platforms next to the Checkpoint Flag. Jump into the Mystery Box to enter a room. You have just 10 seconds to run along a circular conveyor belt and collect the Star.

Green Star #3

Be on the lookout for a row of vertical conveyor belts. With the Cat Power-Up, climb the belt on the far left and then head towards the one on the right. 

Where is the Stamp in World 6-6 Bullet Bill Base?

There’s a ramp next to the goal pole at the end of course. The Stamp is on the opposite end.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-7: Fuzzy Time Mine

Time is on your side in this level, but you’ll still need to move as quickly as possible to avoid all those bothersome (don’t forget dangerous) Fuzzies.

Tip: The Cat and Tanooki Suit power-ups make this course much simpler to beat.

How do I find the Green Stars in Fuzzy Time Mine?

Green Star #1

It’s underneath a cloud platform, and all it takes is a single ground pound to collect it.

Green Star #2

When the course scrolls up the second time, you’ll see the second Green Star hovering near some Fuzzies.

Green Star #3

As the level scrolls upward the final time, look for this Star floating within an alcove, next to some platforms that continuously open and slam shut. Use a jump pad to essentially launch your character safely into that alcove.

Where is the Stamp in World 6-7 Fuzzy Time Mine?

Right at the beginning! Wait for the block to move out of the way and avoid the Parabones to snag it.

Tip: Beat 6-7 Fuzzy Time Mine to reveal a Mystery House for this World.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6: Mystery House Throwdown

Now that you unlocked the Mystery House, it’s time to grab all five Green Stars.

Tip: Not a fan of the baseballs? You can get most of these Stars if you have the Tanooki Suit.

How do I find the Green Stars in Mystery House Throwdown?

Green Star #1

Pick up one of the baseballs and throw it in the Star’s direction.

Green Star #2

Jump once to flip the Star and the panel it sits on away from you. Grab a baseball and jump/throw it at the same time to get this Star.

Green Star #3

Launch yourself off the Jump Panel and chuck a baseball at the P Switch on the wall.

Green Star #4

Hit the POW Block with a baseball to destroy the enemies and make the Star easy to grab.

Green Star #5

Three Thwomps guard three switch panels. The object is to light up all three panels by simply pressing them via the GamePad touchscreen.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-Castle: Bowser’s Bob-omb Brigade

Prepare for another tank assault, plus cameos by the Hammer Bros.

Tip: Use the Tanooki Suit’s Tail Attack to quickly defeat the Hammer Bros.

How do I find the Green Stars in Bowser’s Bob-omb Brigade?

Green Star #1

With the Green Star in plain sight, throw a bomb onto the blocks beneath it to create steps. Walk right up and take it.

Green Star #2

It’s easy to miss this one. Use a bomb from the previous tank to blow up the Rock Block and free the Green Star. Beware the Fire Bro.

Green Star #3

You’ll see this Star near the end of the course. Use the Ground Pound on the Mega ? Block to make a bridge.

Where is the Stamp in Bowser’s Bob-omb Brigade?

It’s behind the pipe that takes you to the boss battle. You’ll need a bomb, and the only place to get one is from the tank near the third Green Star. Move quickly before it detonates.

How do I beat the boss in Bowser’s Bob-omb Brigade?

Uh-oh, Boom Boom returns! Although it still takes three hits to the noggin to put him away, you’ll find that he’s learned some new moves. Not only is his whirling attack faster, but he also splits apart, leaving a shell bouncing around the room. Ignore the shell and focus your energy on him. Night night, Boom Boom.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 6-C – Motley Bossblob’s Big Battle

What, you thought World 6 was over? No way. World 6 doesn’t go down without one last fight.

Tip: The ? Block to the right of the stairs has a Double Cherry. Make sure you get it. Two heroes are better than one!

How do I beat Motley Bossblob? 

This diabolical creep jumps in the air attempting to squash you. Dash to avoid these attacks and wait until he delivers the final jump, whereupon which he releases a Double Cherry and lots of smaller blobs. Squash as many tiny blobs as possible until Motley is tiny enough to strike. Do it three times to make him feel the pain, and move on to World 7.

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