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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough – World 2

by Prima Games Staff

Super Mario 3D World is the best reason to own a Wii U. Nintendo once again delivered a quality adventure starring its most iconic heroes and villains. You’ll explore a huge variety of levels brimming with secrets, while four-person multiplayer opens up new possibilities. On that note, here is the best way to tackle World 2. If you get stuck, check out these Beginner’s Tips and Power-Up guide.

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World 2

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon

You reached the sand world! First, you must deal with pesky yet predictable birds.

How do I find the Green Stars in Conkdor Canyon?

Green Star #1 

Head to the right and you’ll see two platforms appearing and then disappearing into the side of a mountain. Jump onto one of those platforms, then climb up the wall as Cat Mario to reach the Green Star. 

Green Star #2

By now, you’re very familiar with those annoying Conkdor birds that dig their beaks into the sand. Look for the one surrounded by four piles of grey bricks. Where you move, it moves. Trick it into destroying the right-most pile of blocks to reveal the second Green Star.

Tip: You can attack a Conkdor from the rear to avoid its beak attack.

Green Star #3

Mario will approach a bridge comprised of numerous horizontal tiles, and you’ll see the flagpole in the distance; you’ll also see the Stamp right in front of you. Collect the Stamp and head right, away from the bridge to find a bird harassing a Toad. Kill the bird, and Toad will give you the final Green Star. 

Tip: You’ll unlock Super Mario 3D World’s MiiVerse and Ghost Mii features after completing Conkdor Canyon. 

Where is the Stamp in Conkdor Canyon?

Refer to Green Star #3 to find out where the Stamp is.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-2: Puffprod Peaks

How do I find the Green Stars in Puffprod Peaks?

Green Star #1

Mario will approach a wall of moveable platforms. Begin swiping on the right and move left. As usual, it’s better to have Cat Mario, since he’ll be able to climb up the wall and jump onto platforms. You’ll find the first Green Star on the top left corner.

Tip: Whenever you see a Wii U GamePad icon, look at the touchscreen and swipe the platform to raise it. This helps Mario reach new heights. Well, unless he’s Cat Mario. Then you climb up the wall.

Green Star #2

There’s a smiley face cloud near some moveable platforms. Blow into the Wii U GamePad microphone to hitch a ride on these platforms, then hop into the cloud to visit an obstacle course. Hit the block to grab a Super Star, then use Mario’s newfound invincibility to charge through the enemies. Look for the second Green Star at the end of this obstacle course, and jump to collect it.

Tip: You can push tiny Goombas backwards by blowing into the Wii U GamePad microphone

Green Star #3 

Look for three platforms stuck into the side of the wall. Swipe three times to make each one appear. Stand on the third platform and blow into the Wii U GamePad Microphone to make another platform appear directly beneath the one you are standing on; continue blowing to keep it there. The platform Mario is standing on will vanish, allowing him to safely fall onto the one below. It will take you to the third and final Green Star.

Tip: Blow into the Wii U GamePad microphone to see invisible blocks.

Where is the Stamp in Puffprod Peaks?

Early on, you will see two lightly colored platforms beside each other on the ground, with bricks above each one. Sliding up on the left platform raises it, producing tiny Goombas. Sliding up on the right one reveals a hidden area. Drop into it to find the Stamp. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-3: Shadow-Play Alley

Mario enjoys a game of shadows in this tricky course. 

How do I find the Green Stars in Shadow-Play Alley?

Green Star #1

Couldn’t be more obvious. You’ll see its shadow projected onto a wall, along with two coins. You just need to walk towards the TV screen to find it.

Green Star #2

Time for more shadow play trickery. Look for a section of a wall covered in purple-ish creatures with menacing eyes. Smash through these creeps to reveal a purple item box, and touch it to get transported to a secret room. Hit the blue switch to reveal the Green Star’s shadow on the right wall. It’s a projection, obviously, so you’ll need to drop down and walk through a hidden passageway underneath the stone staircase.

Green Star #3 

Finally! A red door. This is the end of the course, right? Yes, but you still have one more thing to do. Instead of opening the door, head right to find a terrified Toad. He appears to be afraid of Bowser’s shadow. Run towards the screen to reveal a wooden (and harmless) Bowser. Jump into it and the caricature breaks into several pieces. The now relieved Toad will hand over the third Green Star as a thank you.

Where is the Stamp in Shadow-Play Alley?

Wait until Mario transforms into a shadow. You’ll see the Stamp in a small room right beneath a giant Piranha Plant. Jump down into the gap just before the Stamp and use Cat Mario’s Claw Attack to smash through the bricks. Now show that Piranha Plant you mean business.

Tip: You can also access the room after killing the Piranha Plant from behind. In fact, you can avoid the Piranha Plant altogether by smashing through all the bricks below.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-4: Really Rolling Hills 

How do I find the Green Stars in Really Rolling Hills? 

Green Star #1 

Run straight ahead. When you can’t go anymore, there are two trees to your right, take the Horizontal Pipe and then climb up the wall as Cat Mario to find the first Green Star.

Tip: Climb the tree on the left for some gold coins.

Green Star #2

Once you’re below ground, take the low road until you reach a green pipe. Go inside to enter a room filled with light-up switches on the floor. Light them all up (even the ones on the steps against the wall) to score the second Green Star. 

Green Star #3 

It’s easy to miss this Green Star. While belowground, wait until you come across three very large and slow moving wheels. Your first instinct probably involves jumping to each one to avoid falling into the abyss below, right? Turns out, Mario will survive the fall. There’s a hidden area just beneath these wheels where the third Green Star resides. 

Where is the Stamp in Really Rolling Hills?

At the beginning of the course, head left and you’ll see two small bodies of water. The one on the right has a patch of land with a switch. Jump onto it to reveal the Stamp.

Tip: Walk up to stunned enemies and Mario will automatically dispose of them with a kick. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-A: Big Galoomba Blockade 

All you need to do is defeat the three large Galoombas.  Each one will take a few hits before going down, and the game will reward you with gold coins and a Green Star. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat Mystery House Melee

Surprise, there are five Green Stars up for grabs in the Mystery House, one in each room.  All five are easy to obtain. You just defeat five groups of enemies. The game gives you 10 seconds to beat each group, which are as follows:

  • Green Star #1: Two Galoombas
  • Green Star #2: Two Koopa Troopas
  • Green Star #3: Two Cat Goombas
  • Green Star #4: Four Conkdor Birds
  • Green Star #5: Two Fire Bros

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 2-5: Double Cherry Pass

We have a feeling you’ll see double in no time.

How do I find the Green Stars in Double Cherry Pass? 

Green Star #1

Head to the right until you see a vertical pipe. Smash the wooden crates to the right of the pipe to reveal the first Green Star. 

Tip: Pick up the Double Cherry to add another Mario to your team. Now you have double Claw Attacks, or Fireballs if you prefer. 

Green Star #2

You’ll approach two red switches, both of which display the letter P. You’ll need a Double Cherry to make this work. Position both characters in the middle of the red switches and move them forward. Notice how they split up. Now hit the jump button so each character lands on a switch at the same time. This allows you to collect Green Star #2.

Green Star #3 

OK, so you found the flagpole. See the panel on the left side with the number 4 on it? You need to have four characters in your possession. Position all of them on the platform and ride it up to collect the final Green Star.

Tip: There’s an invisible item box somewhere near the flagpole. Hit it to reveal a Double Cherry. It’ll come in handy in case you only have three Marios. Of course, if you have four, this will add a fifth.

Where is the Stamp in Double Cherry Pass?

After collecting the second Green Star, you’ll approach a wall with three question mark blocks to the right. Hitting the left most block produces another block, then another and so on and so forth. You need to put one character on top of that block and one beneath it. Continue hitting the block to create a stack. You’ll see the Stamp at the top. 

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade

It’s much easier to beat this course if you have a Cannon Box, a Power-Up that lets you automatically fire cannonballs. You’ll find one at the beginning of Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade, in the second set of four question mark blocks you come across.

How do I find the Green Stars in Double Cherry Pass?

Green Star #1 

This Green Star sits right behind three fire-spewing Piranha Plants. 

Green Star #2

After collecting the first Green Star, you’ll find this one on the second tank you encounter. It’s inside the wooden crate. 

Green Star #3

Eventually, you’ll come to a green pipe, but don’t enter it right away. See the pieces of wood to the right with Bowser’s face? Blast it to reveal the final Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade? 

Did you pick up the second Green Star? The Stamp is on the very next tank, sitting on top of a metal grate.

How do I beat the boss in Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade? 

Three hits to the noggin will do it. Just be extra careful.  This guy spins around the board. Hitting him causes his red shell to ricochet around the play area. The first hit is the easiest. After that, he turns invisible. Luckily, you can still make out a faint outline.

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