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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 1: Horror Night – Flaming Compensator, OD

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to your first official taste of action in Sunset City. As with most opening missions, this one is going to teach you the basic controls and game mechanics, but we’re going to try and give you some additional pointers to help you get ahead of the crowd. Let’s get started.

Your first objective of the game is to escape the train station, and you’re going to want to do so before the OD catch up to you. Follow the on-screen prompts, using the Dodge Roll to avoid your foes, while simultaneously making your way toward the objective marker on your screen.

Tip: This game does a fantastic job of showing you what to do next. Whether it’s a written objective on the left side of your HUD, or a giant arrow pointing to where you need to go in-game, stop and look around if you find yourself lost. Then again, you could read our guide. Yeah, go with the second one.

Once you complete your first objective you’ll get another, this one challenging you to get across the street. Again, look at the arrows on your screen, then bounce your way over. When you arrive, turn to your left and start climbing in order to get to the top of the building.

By now you should have figured out that you’re smack dab in the middle of a tutorial, so do as the game says and get across the highway, then get to your apartment.

Once you reach your apartment you’ll be greeted by one very angry adversary. This will update your objective to escape from the giant mutant, and the on-screen instructions will show you how to undergrind. Do as the game tells you before the humungous beast smashes your face.

Tip: When grinding or undergrinding, players can press the X to flip from one to the other. This is useful in avoiding enemies that hop up onto power lines with you.

As you make your way along you’ll eventually come to helpful lad that was kind enough to die and leave you with his Flaming Compensator. This will prompt you to get a new objective, this one requiring you to kill the mutants while grinding or bouncing. Do as the game says, aiming your new toy into clusters of OD to quickly rack up the eight kills that are necessary.

After expertly dispatching the seven or so OD that the game asked you to kill, it’s now time to defeat the giant mutant. This turns out to be a bit of a trick, as we shot him once before he grabbed hold of us and triggered a cut scene. We should have known something was up by his lack of a health bar. Oh well.

Once the cut scene is over you’ll need to get home, and that is only 100 meters away. Again, look at the arrows on your screen, then bounce, grind, and bounce some more. This should put you at your front door, allowing you to take a breather and reflect on the events that led to the apocalypse. In other words, giant cut scene time.

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