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Sunset Overdrive Act 4 – Mission 5: This Ends Here – Final Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Here it is, folks, the final mission of the game. At least we think it is. You can’t ever tell with Sunset Overdrive.

Final mission or not, they all start off with an objective, and this one is to rendezvous at the Fizzco campus. Of course when you arrive this will update to help the survivors defeat the Fizzco forces, a task that you’ve completed many times and therefore shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Just remember to stay on the move so that your enemies can’t damage you with their attacks.

Tip: Remember, the best weapon you have against the Fizzco enemies is the Freeze Bomb, Dirty Harry and your exceptional melee skills. Be sure to always stay on the move and target clusters of foes to save on ammunition.

Continue to grind your way through the Fizzco forces until you are introduced to a new objective, trash the Fizzco mechs. They’re somewhat more formidable than what you’ve faced to this point, but the steps to take them down remain the same. Move, shoot and melee these suckers until none are left standing.

When the Fizzco mechs are down you’ll need to launch the giant Overcharge bottle at the Fizzco building. For this you simply need to work your way up there, using the harpoon to attach a rope that you can grind across. When you arrive, melee the bottle until you trigger a cut scene. The developers had us going with this one, but something told us we should stick around…

Following that slightly deceiving cut scene it’ll be time for you to take on the final boss and intercept Fizzco HQ at the waterfront and blast it in the CPU. In fact, you’re going to have to do this three times, climbing up the building and shooting it after tracking it to Little Tokyo and then across the river.

It’s really no different than any other tower you’ve had to climb in the game. In fact, it might be easier. Just make sure to jump when the electrical current is coming toward you, and when you reach the top shoot the building in the power source. The first two times you do this it will run away. The third time you shoot it… you’ll beat the game. Congratulations.

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