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Sunset Overdrive Act 4 – Mission 4: Concertpocalypse – Turret Copter

by Prima Games Staff

It’s time for another one of Floyd’s night defense missions, only this time it’s disguised as a concert hall and you need to protect three fuse boxes instead of the Overcharge vats. Even though we managed to complete it on our first try, we actually had some trouble with this one. Lucky for you we learned from our mistakes and can help you avoid them.

Your first objective will be to setup traps and talk to King Buzzo. The mistake we made here was to try and cover all three fuse boxes with traps, thus spreading them out and leaving each one more vulnerable than they had to be. What we should have done, and what you should too, is to focus all of the traps on the fuse box closest to where the concert takes place. You see, you only have to have one fuse box left standing to complete the mission, so we say forget about the other two.

As per usual, we’re big believers in the Pyro Geyser, so setup 10 of these suckers just outside the area with the fuse box. Cover the barricade’s, walkways and just about every other inch that you can squeeze one of these in. When you’re ready, go talk to King Buzz to kick things off.

Tip: This missions is all about defense. Not only will you find value in the Acid Sprinkler and Freeze Bomb, but we also went so far as to visit Two Hat Jack and buy the Turret Copter. These are all fire and forget weapons, meaning they will remain effective long after you’ve moved on to bigger and meaner foes.

When the mission finally does begin you’ll need to protect the fuse boxes until the concert starts. This objective comes with a two minute timer, and even if you wanted to focus on all three fuse boxes for the first part it should be too difficult. Basically, just murder a bunch of OD for two minutes.

After completing the first wave you’ll have to endure another two minutes, this one slightly more intense and disguised as an objective. This is where you’ll want to focus on one fuse box, although your objective will tell you to defend fuse boxes until the kids are happy. Try to keep your feet off the ground, constantly peppering the hoards of OD with your Acid Sprinkler, TNTeddy and Turret Copter. Remember, as long as one fuse box is still standing when time expires you’ll pass the mission.

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