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Sunset Overdrive Act 4 – Mission 2: Awesomesmithing – Excalamune

by Prima Games Staff

As the mission begins you’ll need to go to Fizzco’s Corporate Campus. It’s there that a new objective will require you to clear the area of Fizzco Security. It’s not too hard, just keep an eye on your map, paying close attention to the shaded area with all the dots. When the last of your Fizzco foes are down you’ll want to get to the rooftop garden.

Tip: The easiest way to deal with Fizzco is by hitting them with the Freeze Bomb, then moving in for some up close and personal melee action. In fact, we did this all the way to the top of the tower. It might take a couple of minutes, but you shouldn’t have to worry about taking much damage.

Once you make your way to the rooftop you’ll need to search for the Fizzco exec’s sword by listening to the voice mail on the nearby cell phone, then talk to Wendy to come up with an alternate plan to make a sword. As it turns out, the Fizzco exec’s awards are just what you need to complete your latest objective that requires you to find a good source of metal.

After finishing up your chat with Wendy it’ll be time to go to the nuclear power plant. This objective is about 1,300 meters away, so feel free to try the fast travel if you want to save some time. Us, we opted to bounce and grind our way across Sunset City and snatch up some random collectibles.

When you do arrive at the power plant it will be crawling with mutants, and as you might expect you’ll need to clear all the OD from the area. Whip out your TNTeddy for your regular adversaries, then switch it up to your Dirty Harry to take down the Herker, and finally to the Freeze Bomb to neutralize several Muggers. It’s actually a fairly intense fight, but with the right weapons and tactics you’ll have no trouble at all.

Now that you’ve slaughtered a stadium full of OD you’ll need to place the trophies on the steam vent. This seems rather sketchy, but at this point in the game we’ve given up questioning the validity of the objectives. Do as you’re told, then clear all OD from the area, including more Herkers, Gunkers, Blowers, and everything else you can imagine. Oh, and also make sure to smash the temperature controls. Just look to your on-screen objective markers to locate them.

Once things quiet down just a bit you’ll need to get to the top of the cooling tower. Look for a railing along the side that you can grind on, then continue to bounce and swing your way up, stopping briefly to kill the Wingers when you arrive.

Tip: If you’re trying to make a big jump and you’re not sure you have what it takes, try pressing the Right Bumper when you are at maximum height. This will cause you to dash forward and cover distance more distance.

Now that you’re on top of the cooling tower and the Wingers are dead you’ll need to forge the blade with mighty hammer blows from above. For this you’re just going to want to follow your on-screen prompts, jumping into the cooling tower and smashing the metals below. Pay special attention to when the game tells you to tap the button instead of simply holding it.

With your sword forged you’ll need to go to the water treatment plant. There are some OD inbound, but rather than waste more time why not just jump and grind past them to get to your destination a little bit faster? Besides, once you arrive you’ll need to clear all the Scabs from the area, then douse the red hot sword in water. That should be plenty of action to keep you busy.

Tip: You just got a really cool new sword, so why not wreck some Scabs with it and save your ammunition for later? In fact, after dousing the sword in water we were attacked by a Herker. The poor beast never had a chance.

To make a long mission even longer you’ll need to return to the hospital to present your gift. It’s another 1,200 meters away, making fast travel a great option. Of course, we chose to take the long way, only to find that we had to absorb 99 robosouls. Seriously… 99 Fizzco scum with a sword. Anyway, it’s pretty easy, just bounce on the nearby cars and perform melee strikes as you’re falling to the ground. As long as you don’t stop moving you’ll clear out the required adversaries and reach the end of the mission in no time.

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