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Sunset Overdrive Act 4 – Mission 1: Las Catrinas – Sunset City

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth and final act of Sunset Overdrive. As with the first mission of any act, this one is basically just traveling from one point on the map to the other. In fact, your only objective will be to go to the downtown hospital to find Las Catrinas.

Bounce and grind your way toward the objective marker on your screen, deciding whether to bypass or fight the various OD and Fizzco enemies as you go.

Tip: You should see lots of collectibles while you’re making your way through Sunset City. Don’t be afraid to spend some time gathering these up. They can be used to upgrade your Amps, or even buy new ones.

Once you arrive at the hospital all that will be left to do is walk into the objective marker and trigger the mission ending cut scene.

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