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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 7: Floating Garbage – Winger

by Prima Games Staff

This mission is a bit of a weird one, although it really isn’t at all difficult once you get a rhythm down. To start, throw some trash in the hole and watch the ship’s health fill up. For most of the mission this is all you’re going to do, ignoring the OD while you search for more garbage.

Tip: The first part of the mission was designed to teach you how to pick up, carry and throw trash into the ship to repair it. Plan to spend the next 10 minutes or so doing this. Always be on the lookout for more trash.

Once you prove you can pick up garbage your objective will update to protect the flagship. Feel free to shoot the odd OD, but for the most part just keep collecting trash and throwing it into the hole. Your objective will eventually update to smash the controls to raise the drawbridge, but once that’s done it will return to protect the flagship. It’ll keep flipping back and forth throughout most of the mission.

Tip: You’ll eventually come across a Herker or two, and while keeping the ship full of trash is important, take a moment to blast this fool out of the apocalypse with your Dirty Harry. You don’t need this beast messing with your transportation.

After collecting a bunch of trash and raising a drawbridge or two you’ll be introduced to a new foe called the Winger. Yup, just like you might expect, it’s a bird like OD creature, but nothing that our Dirty Harry or Flaming Compensator wasn’t able to dispatch quickly. In fact, we actually preferred the Flaming Compensator on this one due to its increased spread.

With the Wingers down and the ship still sailing, get back to picking up trash and raising drawbridges. Like we said earlier, it’s fairly straightforward, you just have to do it for awhile. Eventually, however, you’ll reach your destination to trigger a mission ending cut scene. Hopefully you enjoyed the break, the next one isn’t so easy.

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