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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 5: Ferry to Nowhere – Protect the Overcharge

by Prima Games Staff

Before you can really get things rolling in this mission you’re going to need to setup traps and turn the valve. The first part of that is very important, and we have just the formula to make sure you’re successful. You see, the Pyro Geyser is one of the cheapest and most effective traps in the game. Rather than mess around with the others, we just loaded up 10 of these suckers, covering the Overcharge stations and the surrounding area.

With the traps set and the valve turned you’ll need to get to work and protect the Overcharge. For this we stuck primarily to the power lines above, using the TNTeddy to try and take out clusters of OD before they could break through the barricades. When they eventually do break through the barricades, jump on the Pyro Geyser traps setup near the Overcharge to cook these fools before they can steal any of the goods.

Tip: When the Herker shows up to kick off the second wave of the OD attack, make sure you take out your Dirty Harry and put this beast down quickly. This is your first and only priority to start the wave.

The second wave is going to be a bit more intense than the first, but that’s to be expected. This is where you’ll want to make use of your Pyro Geyser traps. Just keep bouncing off of these to set that hoards of OD on fire. Combine that with your TNTeddy and you shouldn’t have too much trouble at all.

Tip: You can always try the Freeze Bomb to protect an overrun Overcharge. Turn your foes into popsicles and then hit them with the Acid Sprinkler to finish them off.

When the battle is finally over and the skies turn blue again, get the Amps from the amp chamber to complete the mission.

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