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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 4: Bad Medicine – Fizzco Bomb Bot

by Prima Games Staff

At the start of the mission you’ll be asked to go to the Fizzco Pharmaceutical Shipyard to find drugs for King Ignatius. It’s a simple task, only requiring you to move from Castle Fargarthia to the objective marker displayed on your screen.

Once you arrive at the shipyard you’ll be given three new objective markers to investigate, and doing so will introduce you to the Fizzco Bomb Bot. It will also update your objective, requiring you to clear the area of Fizzco security forces.

Tip: If you have the Freeze Bomb in your arsenal you’re going to want to use it here. It’s absolutely devastating against these enemies. Just freeze the suckers, then rush them and bust them up with some of your melee skills. Winning this battle is as simple as that.

When the last of the Fizzco forces are down you’ll want to return your attention to the three objective markers on your screen and find the medicine. As you might expect, we found it in the third truck we checked, but maybe you’ll have more luck.

With drugs in hand you’re objective will update and ask you to return to Castle Fargarthia, but a call on your cell phone will change this to meet Wendy at the Leech Pond park. Take note of the marker on your screen and start heading that way.

When you arrive at the park Wendy will ask you to strip to your skivvies. Do as she says, then jump in the pond and cover your body in leeches. You can tell where they’re located by bubbling of water in certain parts of the pond.

After a short cut scene your objective will update and require you to follow Wendy. Your trip won’t last long, however, as a new objective will ask you to follow Fizzie… and don’t touch the lava. This will take you several minutes to do, but it’s fairly simple. Just bounce and grind from building to building until you are finally asked to kill all the Fizzies. Just keep shooting them until you reach a mission ending cut scene. This wasn’t a short mission, but it was fairly straightforward.

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