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Sunset Overdrive Act 2 – Mission 7: The Fall of Emperor Norton – Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

It’s boss fight time, and unlike your previous encounter with Fizzie, this one is actually somewhat difficult. The first part isn’t so tough, just carry Troop Master Bryllcream back to the Bushido base. It’s your standard bouncing and grinding across the map, and when you arrive you’ll get a cut scene to introduce you to your next enemy, Norton Dragon.

Like most boss fights, this one is won by following a specific formula. In this case that is to grind on the dragon’s back and perform a Dragonstrike. Once you do this three times you’ll complete your objective requiring you to slay the Norton Dragon.

Of course, things are never that simple. The first time isn’t so bad, but the second and third introduce a minor twist in the form of spikes on Norton Dragon’s back. To get rid of them, take aim and shoot them with your Dirty Harry, all the while chasing the beast through the streets. With the spikes gone you’ll want to continue to perform your Dragonstrikes, and after the third one the boss fight will be over.

There… that wasn’t so hard, was it?

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