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Sunset Overdrive Act 2 – Mission 6: Bryllcream – Defend the Truck

by Prima Games Staff

Get ready for objective overload, starting with your first, go to Wallrun, Hackdish and Associates Tower. It’s fairly straightforward, just head for the objective marker on your screen. When you arrive this will update to destroy the Fizzco guard post. Grind your way to the base of the tower and teach those Fizzco Rifle Bots a thing or two about manners in the apocalypse.

With that nonsense out of the way it’ll be time for you to get busy and climb the tower. This is done with your standard tricks, plus one additional move for your arsenal, wall running. Follow the on-screen instructions to reach the top of the tower, then move to your on-screen marker and hack into the Fizzco satellite dish.

Tip: Once you’re controlling the satellite dish you’ll want to pay attention to your mini-map in the bottom left of your screen. It’s here that you’ll see several arrows. Point the satellite dish at each one to complete your upcoming objectives.

Take control of the dish and aim at the Troop Bushido Museum, then keep looking for Bryllcream when your objective updates. This might take you a few moments given the amount of targets on your mini-map, but when you’re done it’ll be time to go to the Fizzco jammer.

Leave the safety of your perch and head out for the objective marker on your screen, stopping only to engage in some epic battles with the Fizzco Blade Bots that stand in your way. While you’re busy laying the smack down your objective will update and require you to destroy the jammer. Keep moving to the objective marker and put some Dirty Harry rounds into the device when you’re within range, then approach the satellite and hack the second dish.

We told you this would be objective overload, and your next one is to keep looking for Bryllcream. It’s the same story as before, just aim the dish at the markers on the mini-map in the bottom left corner. When you locate Bryllcream, go to the truck and get ready for a fairly intense battle with a few different types of adversaries.

When you finally locate your target you’ll want to take a look at the mini-map to see the location of all your foes, then wipe out the Scabs defending the garbage truck. As it normally is, the Dirty Harry should be you first choice for this type of enemy. Just keep grinding and bouncing around, switching things up to your TNTeddy if you spot any large clusters. When the last one is down, pick up any loot that’s dropped nearby and stop the garbage compactor from crushing Bryllcream.

Following a short cut scene your objective will update to douse the fire with Overcharge. If you look at your surroundings you should see three objective markers that show the location the kegs you need. Pick each one of them up and toss them at the truck. Of course, because it’s Overcharge that you’re spreading all over the ground you’ll draw the attention of the OD.

Tip: If you own the Acid Sprinkler, now would be a great time to surround the garbage truck with it.

You’re getting close to the end, but before you can take a break you’ll need to defend the truck, then chase after that truck. For this part, whip out your TNTeddy and target the large batches of OD, moving along as the truck speeds out of control. When it finally stops, clear the street of OD, then open the truck and enjoy the mission ending cut scene with Bryllcream.

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