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Sunset Overdrive Act 2 – Mission 5: Hepcat’s Late-Night Special – Overcharge

by Prima Games Staff

It’s time for another one of Floyd’s night defense missions, and this one is somewhat more difficult than the first one you participated in.

The first order of business is to setup traps and turn the valve. You’ll notice that they are some new traps in your arsenal, but after careful consideration we’re still fond of the Hack ‘n Slay that we used so effectively the first time around. Given that they require 20 power each, you should be able to lay five of them around the base before you turn the valve to kick things off.

Tip: This mission is no joke. You should definitely consider picking up a new weapon or two if you have the ability. We are big fans of the Acid Sprinkler and Freeze Bombs when it comes to dealing with large batches of foes like you’ll have to here.

Once you’ve turned the valve you’ll be required to protect the Overcharge for a full four minutes, and for this we decided to grind on the power lines and start things off with the TNTeddy. Your best bet here is to aim into the center of several OD and let fly. Focus first on the ones near your barricades, then on groups that have yet to make it to the base.

Tip: You’re going to be dealing with Blowers, Herkers, Poppers and the dreaded Gunker. Hold nothing back. Equip all of your most deadly weapons and spare no expense when it comes to ammunition. Two Hat Jack can help you out there.

The first wave of enemies isn’t so bad. We were able to deal with most of our adversaries with just the TNTeddy, but the second wave was a completely different story. We actually failed once on this one but were able to pull things around when the game generously gave us another try. There is really no special formula here, just make sure you lay all of your traps and never stop moving!

If you still have some overcharge left when the clock hits zero you will pass the mission, only having to get the amps from the amp chamber to finish things off.

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