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Sunset Overdrive Act 2 – Mission 4: Find 4Kim – Scabs, Thrusters, Train

by Prima Games Staff

When the missions begins you’ll have your first objective, and like most first objectives it’s rather easy. Simply head out in the direction of your on-screen marker to go and find 4Kim at the train station. Your arrival will trigger an attack from some Scabs, but it’s nothing that a little grinding and Dirty Harry work can’t take care of. Eliminate the threats and move into the on-screen marker.

Your next objective will be to meet 4Kim on the station platform, and the route that you need to take is once again littered with Scabs, and even some Scab Tossers for good measure. Put your Dirty Harry back to work, then bounce and grind your way to another objective marker. This time it will trigger a cut scene.

Tip: Chasing the train can be a bit of a pain given that it’s constantly throwing mines at you. Rather than try to shoot or jump over them, just switch to the other side of the track and keep grinding. When you’re in range, take out the thrusters with your Dirty Harry.

Your new objective will be to rescue 4Kim, and as indicated in our tip that’s done by chasing the train and shooting its thrusters. It’s not really a short chase, but it’s not really a challenging one, either. The main difficulty will be maintaining speed while dodging the mines, but this can be done by switching tracks and using your boost while grinding. If you’re having trouble with the chase, have a look at the embedded video down below.

Once you disable the train you’ll trigger another cut scene, and this one is mission ending as well as hilarious.

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