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Sunset Overdrive Act 2 – Mission 2: It’s Me! Fizzie! – Fizzie Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Boss fight time!

When your mission begins your objective will be to go to the radio tower, and it’s about this time you’ll unlock the Air Dash. Pay some mind to the instructions on your screen to master this move as you make your way to your on-screen objective marker.

Arriving will not only complete your objective, but also introduce you to a new type of foe, the Fizzco Blade Bot. That sounds lovely.

Anyway, do your best to ignore these punks and make your way to marker on-screen to destroy the first transmitter. Seriously, just blow it up. Don’t bother messing with the enemies in the area unless they are directly in your path.

Tip: It’s Dirty Harry time. Get that gun out and don’t bother switching for the remainder of the mission. You’re going put the whoop on Fizzie with that bad boy.

With the transmitter down it’s time to climb the tower. This is a very important part of the mission in the sense that it’s great practice for the boss fight you’re about to get yourself into.

Tip: Do you see so giant satellite drums that you’ll be using as a stairway? Well, bouncing on three of these in a row will stun Fizzie once the boss fight begins. It’s then that you want to shoot him. Keep that in mind.

After traveling a short distance up the tower your objective will update to destroy the second transmitter, and when that’s done to keep climbing the tower. When you finally trigger the Fizzie boss fight, your final objective of the mission will be to take Fizzie down.

Whip out your Dirty Harry, then bounce and grind around the top of the tower. When you can, bounce on three consecutive satellite drums to stun Fizzie, then shoot him in the eyeballs. You’ll have to repeat this process several times, but with our expert guidance you should have no trouble taking this bully of a blimp to the ground, ending the mission like a champ.

To see how we were able to spank Fizzie in short order, have a look at the video below.

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