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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 7: Bora Bora Water – Spawner, Emergency Flush Sequence

by Prima Games Staff

Following a mission opening cut scene your objective will be to go to the Bora Bora Water Facility. Do your thing, grinding and bouncing toward the handy on-screen marker, killing or bypassing any annoying OD that you might find along the way.

Reaching your destination will give you an updated objective, this time asking you to activate the emergency flush sequence. There will also be a notification below that informs you of your current progress, flush stages completed 0/3.

Activate the emergency flush sequence, then grind your way along the pipes, using melee attacks to open the safety valves. When you reach the top of the Toxic Waste tower, jump on the red button to complete the first portion of your three part objective.

The second part is much of the same. Repeat the steps from the first flush sequence before heading to the third and final part of your objective, receiving secondary instructions to figure out where the OD are coming from. To do this, look behind a nearby building with a big red dog on the side, finding yourself introduced to an enemy called the Spawner.

Tip: You need to kill the Spawner first, otherwise you will have to deal with a never-ending amount of OD. We found the Dirty Harry weapon to be the most effective in our arsenal.

As soon as your fight with the Spawner begins you’ll want to take note of the arrow pointing at the nearby vehicle. Jump on it, then grind along the network of pipes that sit above Bora Bora Water Facility. You should have absolutely no trouble completing your objective to kill the Spawner, while simultaneously avoiding the attacks from the OD below.

With the Spawner down and his OD minions slaughtered like they deserve, head in the direction of your objective marker to complete the third part of the emergency flush sequence. It’s the same routine as the first two instances, and when it’s over you’ll need to deliver the Bora Bora Water to the Oxfords’ base.

It’s pretty much smooth sailing from this point on. Head down and grab a case of Bora Bora Water, then make your way back to the base to trigger the mission ending cut scene.

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