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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 6: A New Friend – Sam, Blower, TNTeddy

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins you’ll want to take note of your on-screen objective marker, then go to the Crown Blades Factory. Don’t be afraid to stop and whoop some OD along the way, taking note of Floyd’s advice to build up style and use those Amps.

After arriving at the factory your objective will update to follow the mysterious stranger, and an on-screen tip will show you how to swing from a horizontal bar to reach your target. Keep swinging and grinding from marker to marker until your objective updates and asks you to rescue the stranger.

The next part isn’t all that bad. In fact, there are so few OD in the area that you could just melee them to save ammunition. Whatever you choose, when the last of the mutant scum are down, approach the locker to trigger a cut scene with your new friend, Sam.

The peace and quiet in Sunset City never lasts long, and soon you’ll be introduced to a new type of enemy called the Blower, simultaneously updating your objective to protect Sam from the OD. To do this, just keep following your on-screen marker and killing everything that moves.

Tip: Blowers and OD are extremely vulnerable to the Flaming Compensator. Target large groups of OD for multi-kills, or put a Blower down with one, well placed shot from the same weapon.

After killing what seems like an endless amount of OD, your objective should update to return to the train. Follow your objective marker until this updates again, this time asking you to check the cargo for supplies. Do as you’re told and soon after you’ll be rocking out with the TNTeddy.

Your objective will update again, this time requiring you to defend Sam while he starts the train. Lucky for you, the TNTeddy is all kinds of fun, and you have a crazy amount of OD, Poppers, and Blowers to use it on. For this part we took up a position on the stairs, keeping our head on a swivel and taking out the large groups of foes with what might be the game’s coolest weapon… so far.

When the last of your adversaries are down, take note of your new objective to ride dat train, hopping on top to act as a makeshift turret while Sam drives you to safety. It’s a short ride, and when it’s done you’ll have your final task of the mission, follow Sam to the Pizzeria. Arriving will trigger a cut scene that leads you into the rewards screen.

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