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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 3: Amp It Up – Amps, Fizzie Balloons

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins you’ll be required to collect Fizzie Balloons. All of this can be done around the base and shouldn’t take your more than a minute or so.

Look at your objective marker to see the location of the three Fizzie Balloons, then head out and start collecting them. There are no OD or Poppers to worry about, so feel free to practice your grinding as you mosey along.

Once you have all three Fizzie Balloons in your possession, head back to where you were talking to Floyd to finish the Amps. This is done by approaching the Amp Chamber right next to the Mixologist sign. If it doesn’t work right away, keep moving around the chamber until the option pops up. This will complete the mission.

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