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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 2: One Man’s Trash – Vat Parts, Poppers, Floyd

by Prima Games Staff

After chatting to Floyd and finding out that he needs more supplies, head to the objective marker on your screen. Your destination is the Crown Blades Factory, and when you arrive you’ll be asked to Collect 10 Vat Parts for Floyd.

Make your way to the objective marked on your screen, bypassing or killing any OD that you spot along the way. We actually stopped to take a few of these mutants out, but quickly got back on track when we found ourselves overwhelmed.

When you arrive at the factory, grind along the railroad tracks and pick up any Vat Parts that are laying on the ground. You’ll have to take out more OD, but there aren’t enough of them to be much more than an inconvenience.

After collecting the first batch of Vat Parts, Floyd will get in contact with you and tell you to Follow the tracks to the next crash site. Start heading in the direction of the objective marker, taking out any OD that you find blocking your path.

Tip: Shooting red barrels will cause them to explode, allowing you to take out large groups of foes using very minimal effort.

With all of the OD down and your objective seemingly clear, you’ll be introduced to a new type of enemy called Poppers. These fools can be a real pain if they get close to you, so make a point to shoot them from as far away as possible. If one does get within melee distance, take it down quickly to avoid suffering any serious damage.

With the Poppers down, collect the Vat Parts and return to Floyd at the Brewery. You might bump into a few more OD along the way, but this shouldn’t do anything more than temporarily slow you down. As soon as you arrive and deliver the goods, the mission will come to an end.

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