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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 12: Up in the Air – Fizzco Riflebot, Glider, Walter

by Prima Games Staff

You’re going to get to do some flying in this mission, and hopefully you’re more successful than we were on our first attempt. Before you get to that, however, you’ll need to recover the glide wheel from the Scabs. Locate the objective marker on your screen, then grind your way through the streets of Sunset City to reach your destination.

Once you find the Scabs you’ll want to take note of the glowing glide wheel on the stage. That’s what you need to snag, but first consider busting out your Dirty Harry or TNTeddy and wiping these creeps off the face of the post apocalyptic planet. When they’re all dead and the package is secure, return to the launch base with the glide wheel.

About halfway back to your destination you’ll be given a new objective, this one tasking you to defend the launch site from the Scab ambush. Make your way back to the overpass, then grind along the power lines and kill all the scabs with your Dirty Harry.

With all of the Scabs down you’ll need to fall back to the glider. This will also introduce one of our least favorite enemies, the Fizzco Riflebot. For this you’re going to want to continue working with your Dirty Harry and TNTeddy, avoiding your Flaming Compensator completely. We found that it tickled them more than anything. Just keep grinding around to avoid their attacks, and when the last one falls you’ll have completed your objective to battle the Fizzco forces.

Tip: It can take three or four shots from the Dirty Harry to kill a Fizzco Riflebot. It’s best to focus on one of these foes at a time, otherwise you’ll start to feel like your weapons aren’t doing any damage at all. Trust us on this one.

With that ugly situation behind you it’s time to launch the glider, then when you’re airborne, fly to the Brewery. Take note of the various smoke stacks shooting steam out of them. These are called updrafts, and when you pass over one you’ll restore full power to your glider. If you fly for too long without passing over an updraft you’ll crash. Again… trust us.

Follow the objective marker as you get the basic control tour for the glider, then chase the Fizzco patrol craft through the city. Remember to keep passing over updrafts to restore power, but also make sure to avoid (or shoot) the mines that this hunk of junk shoots out of its butt.

Tip: Try flying at a higher altitude than the patrol craft and you’ll pass over most of the mines that it drops. Just make sure to dip down and pass through an updraft or two so you don’t crash.

After following the aircraft for some time your objective will update and tell you to shoot down the Fizzco patrol craft. You might as well do as it says, unloading all of your rockets into the blimp to bring it to the ground. When that’s done your final objective will be to use the steam vent at the power plant to rocket over the walls. Fly to your on-screen maker to trigger a mission ending cut scene.

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