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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 11: Midnight Brew – Gunker, Acid Sprinkler, Traps

by Prima Games Staff

Before this mission officially begins you’ll need to collect five Fizzie Balloons. These are the balloons you see floating all over Sunset City, and you might already have five in your possession. If this is the case, make your way to see Floyd, otherwise just grab some balloons and then make your way there.

When the mission does officially begin your objective will be to get to the front of the base, something which should be fairly simple. In fact, the first few objectives are quite easy to complete. Keep following the on-screen instructions to place a Hack ‘n Slay trap, then place a Fling Board trap, and finally to listen to Floyd. That seems simple enough.

Tip: Forget about placing traps outside of the base. We found it far more effective to pick them all up, then move inside and drop as many Hack ‘n Slay traps as possible around the Overcharge. That’s what you need to protect, so drop as many as you can.

Your objective will soon update to setup traps and turn the valve. Do as we advised in our last tip, then pay a quick visit to Two Hat Jack and pick up the Acid Sprinkler if you don’t already have it. This bad boy will be absolutely critical to eliminating hoards of OD as they attack the Overcharge.

Once you’re ready to rock n’ roll, turn the valve and get your new objective, protect the Overcharge. You’ve got a four minute fight ahead of you, so hop up on the wires and grind your way to the outside of the base. Start off by taking out the regular OD with your High Fidelity weapon, saving things like your Flaming Compensator, TNTeddy and Acid Sprinkler for when things get out of hand.

Tip: Keep an eye on the left side of your HUD. The image of the jar with some goo in it is how many vats you have left. Ideally you want 20, but it won’t hurt if the OD get a few. The icon below it is the amount of power you have to lay more traps. Hack ‘n Slay traps take 20 and the Fling Board takes 10. Why not lay more between waves?

It’s right about now that you will meet the Gunker, but your objective will remain the same. In fact, you may not even have to deal with this beast so long as you’re busy taking out the OD and Poppers that are going after the Overcharge. Either way, this would be a good time to whip out the Acid Sprinkler, launching it all around the Overcharge as yet another line of defense. When that’s done, equip the TNTeddy and spend the remaining time defending your precious vats. Your final, mission completing objective will be to get the amps from the amp chamber, then you’re all done.

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