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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Mission 3: Halfaya Pass – Kill General Hoesslein

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome to the longest mission thus far in Sniper Elite 3. The map is huge, the objectives are spread out and there are more bad guys than there are fans at a NASCAR race. Stick with us, however, and we’ll guide you through how to complete all the of primary and optional objectives. You might even get a few cool sniper kills along the way.

Warning: This guide may tackle the objectives in an order that seems a bit whacky, but if you follow along you’ll end up on the winning side of this battle.

Your first objective is to explore the mountain settlements. As soon as you have control of Karl Fairburne, head across the bridge to the northeast and under the tent to the right. Continue taking the path to the northeast, going under the first bridge, then taking a right and going under another. Continue to stay in the ditch, following the path to the east, skipping by the machine gun nest that branches off to the west. A short distance east of the machine gun nest, climb up out of the ditch on the right hand side.

Sneak through the grass as you continue northeast, then head for and cross the bridge to the north. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when the bridge shows that you are about 50 meters from your first objective.

You don’t actually have to walk into your objective. Simply passing by the odd looking structure, sticking to the right is close enough. This will knock off explore the mountain settlements and update your objective to destroy artillery.

Sneak your way in and amongst the convoy of trucks. You should notice one of them is occupied with a driver and giving off quite a bit of noise. In fact, it’s enough that you can mask the sound of your rifle shots from this location. Just make sure not to shoot the driver, or the truck will go quiet and you won’t be able to snipe from this location. Also, there is one guard just to your north. Take him out with your Welrod to simplify things a little bit.

Set up directly behind the truck that is occupied. From here, whip out your binoculars and take a really good look around the area. There will be guards in almost every direction, including on the rooftops as well as a few that are hidden inside the buildings themselves. While it is possible to sneak through this area, we opted to shoot everyone we could (it’s called Sniper Elite, not Sneaker Elite) and make moving around a little bit easier. You won’t get that many, but there are at least two to the north and northeast, as well as two (one on the building, one patrolling around it) by the building to the west. When you’re satisfied you can’t make any more shots, put a round from your Welrod into the truck driver’s head.


From your position behind the truck, sneak to the building just to the northeast, climbing over the half wall near the rear. You’ll notice a guard leaning against the wall on the inside. Wait for his buddy to turn his back, then put a Welrod round in his head and hide the body around the corner. Wait for the roving guard to return, then take him out as well.

Head inside the building and go toward the sound of music. On the desk you’ll find some papers, giving you the optional objective to search the area for any important intel. As soon as you collect the papers, you’ll be given an updated objective to find further intel on the whereabouts of the General. Backtrack out the way you entered the building, then go up the stairs to the second floor. If you sniped the guard who patrols this area from the truck you’ll be alone, if not, take out the guard and climb the ladder to the very top of the roof.

Use the roof as vantage point to gather some intel on the situation around this area. You’ll notice one objective is to the west, and two more are bunched up toward the northwest. You’ll also notice more guards in the area. Use your binoculars to tag them so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises on your travels.

Climb down from this roof and head to the next building to the north. As you look through the door you’ll notice two guards talking on the other side of the building. We waited for them to split but it never happened. You could try a grenade, but the sound will cause some panic with the rest of the soldiers in the area. Instead, take out your Welrod (which is likely low on ammunition at this point) and take them both down with two well timed, accurate shots.

As you approach the bodies of the two guards, you’ll notice a path that cuts through the mountains to the north. Head through there, going right when the path forks. Sneak up, taking cover behind a pile of bricks near two enemy soldiers. Wait for the guards to separate, then shoot the stationary one in the head. Move up and do the same to the soldier who hopped across the gap to the rooftop. Hop across the gap yourself, then sneak downstairs and dispose of the bad guy patrolling the bottom of the building. Lastly, head back up to the roof and sabotage the generator to mask your rifle shots.

Before you do anything, look in the northwest corner of the roof where the Morse code is going off. On the table you’ll find some documents, updating your optional objective to find the General at one of the artillery placements.

From your position on the roof, whip out your binoculars and tag as many guards around the area as you can. As we’ve had you do earlier in this chapter and others before it, shoot everyone and anyone you can see. Focus on the guards on the rooftops first so that they can’t spot their fallen comrades down below. You should also notice that one of your objectives is to the southwest and about 180 meters away. That’s where you’re headed next.

Head down to the ground level, then move to the building in the southwest corner of this area. Go behind it to find a path that will lead up to an opening in the left side of the mountain. Sneak through this area until the path forks to the left and directly in front of you. From here you should only be about 70 meters from your objective, but this area is crawling with bad guys.

You’ll be taking the middle path directly toward the objective. Before you head off, however, tag as many of the guards as you can. You might also want to lay a land mine or two on the fork to the left just in case things go badly and you need to cover your retreat.

When you’re ready to go, sneak forward to the opening of the path (you’ll be headed southwest), then turn to your right and use the mountains for cover. You might have to take a guard or two down, so make sure you either use your Welrod, or just a stealth takedown with your knife. Once the area is clear, grab a grenade and get ready to toss it on the artillery nearby. You want to time it so that the grenade explodes as the weapon is firing, thus masking the sound and allowing you to remain undetected. This will complete your first of three destroy artillery objectives.

Once the artillery is down, backtrack the way you came, heading all the way back to the rooftop with the generator and intel on the General. From that building, head through the mountain to the east and into a tunnel. When you emerge, you should see a large tower in front of you.

The stairs you need to climb are on the east side of the tower, but further to the east are a series of buildings that house about a half dozen guards. Sneak forward, climbing the stairs and entering the tower. Climb all the way to the top where you’ll find a sniper’s nest. At some point while approaching the tower you should be given the optional objective to disrupt communications. Just be careful not to get spotted as you’re moving along.

From the top of the tower you can see and do quite a lot. First of all, there’s a speaker system that will mask the sound of your rifle, allowing you to shoot an incredible number of enemies from here. Secondly, to the west and below you are a series of vehicles near a large fuel tank. Looking at them will give you the optional objective to sabotage the motorpool.

Tip: If you’re looking for this missions Long Shot, you can hit it while looking west from the sniper’s nest. We opted not to, but if you did, this will complete the final destroy artillery objective in our guide.

Start off by taking out your binoculars and looking out the west side of the tower. Tag as many enemies as you can, then hit the button indicated on your screen to enter the sniper’s nest. Look at the fuel tank below you and notice the valve on the end closest to you. When you have the icon on your screen indicating your shot will be masked, shoot the valve to sabotage the motorpool and complete this optional objective.

Tip: Feel free to shoot as many soldiers as you’d like off the west side of the tower. Like before, make sure to hit the guys on the rooftops first so that they can’t spot their fallen comrades below. Just be careful when firing, the speaker system won’t give you much time to make each shot.

Move to the northeast corner of the tower and look out. You’ll see several bad guys in the building to the east, and  couple more by the building to the northeast. Do you see the communication lines leading to the building to the northeast? These lead straight to another optional objective. Spend a few moments taking out as many guards as you can, then climb down the tower and head to the building that the communication lines lead to.

Sneak down into the basement of the building that the communication lines lead to and you’ll find two guards. Take care of them with your Welrod and then complete the disrupt communications objective just underneath the stairs.

Head back up to the main floor of the house, exiting and taking the road that goes northwest. After passing a couple of trucks and then taking a path that runs parallel to the  mountain, turn right and take the road northeast until you see two guards and some trucks

As you approach the trucks and two guards, there is a third guard to your left that you could easily miss. Don’t bother with him for now. Instead, sneak in behind the trucks and use stealth takedowns to eliminate the two soldiers on the east side of the road. Then, cross the road and take out the third guard in exactly the same manner. You should now be about 150 meters from your objective.

Sneak up the path that leads west, ducking into the gap in the mountain on your left. Be mindful of a guard that patrols in this cave. Wait for him to turn his back and kill him with a stealth takedown. Continue moving through the cave until you emerge near the bottom of a lookout tower. There are still two more guards here, but if you wait for them to separate you can take them out with stealth takedowns.

Sneak to the top of the tower and perform one more stealth takedown to complete a run of seven in a row without firing a shot. More importantly, you’re now in position to complete two objectives and take a big bite out of this mission.

Go prone at the top of the tower’s stairs and look to the north with your binoculars. To the left of the artillery you should spot an explosive can that has a red glow to it. Keep this in mind because you’re going to be shooting it very shortly. To the right of the gun you’ll see the General. He’ll be going down first.

Tip: You will only see General Hoesslein if you completed the optional objectives which are outlined in bold throughout this article. If you don’t see him, check back and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The sound of the artillery firing will mask your shot, so time it and then put a bullet in General Hoesslein’s dome. This will complete the located and killed General Hoesslein optional objective. That’s all of the optional objectives for this mission. There’s still more work to do, however, so immediately look to your left, waiting for the sound of the artillery to mask your shot. Take out the red container mentioned a moment ago, causing a massive explosion and completing your second of three destroy artillery objectives.

With that out of the way and the path clear for your retreat, head back exactly the way you came, turning right when you get close to the stationary trucks. Head southwest along the road until you are about 315 meters from your final piece of artillery.

Head south along the path that is lined up directly with your objective. If you didn’t already shoot him from the big tower where you blew up the motorpool, there will be sniper looking east from the side of the cliff (he’s in the image above). It’s best to shoot him with your Welrod. An attempted steal takedown sometimes alerts his comrades in the area. Better safe than sorry.

Continue along the same path, sabotaging the generator and dropping down to a ledge a few feet below. Look to your southeast and you’ll see a couple of trucks with some roving soldiers. If you want to thin things out even more, time your shots with the generator’s noises, then shoot the vulnerable points on the truck to make it explode. If you’re not sure where to shoot it, look at the truck through your binoculars and it will highlight the weak points in red.

When you’re ready to move on, climb down the ladder and keep moving along the mountain until you can take a path on your right. There will be two soldiers in the area with the boxes up ahead. Wait for them to separate and turn their backs, then score two more stealth takedowns.

From your little cave, look out and to the northwest. You’ll see the third piece of artillery firing away, and it just so happens it’s close enough to mask your rifle shots. Pull out your binoculars and look for an explosive red can near the gun, then switch to your rifle and time your shot. If you hit your target, you’ll have completed all of your destroy artillery objectives.

You’ll now have an objective to reconvene with the LDRG. To do this, you’re going to backtrack exactly the way you came, ending up at the tower that lies between the motorpool and disrupt communication objectives from awhile back. As you get close, a new objective will pop up, instructing you to neutralise the Panzer 3 tank.

Continue back to the tower and wait for the tank to pass you. When it does, use your binoculars to spot the weak point on the back, then shoot that spot. Don’t bother waiting to mask the sound, just fire, chamber another round and fire again. After your third successful shot, the tank will explode, completing the neutralise the Panzer 3 tank objective.

Climb down from the tower (the area should be fairly quiet if you did all that sniping from this location earlier on) and head toward the marker on your screen. When you arrive, you’ll complete the reconvene with the LDRG objective and finish the mission. This will also unlock Through the Fire, a trophy and achievement for completing Mission 3: Halfaya Pass. Nice work.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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