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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk – Destroy the Heavy Artillery

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

The main protagonist that you’ll play as in Sniper Elite 3 is Karl Fairburne, an American sharpshooter sent to the North African front during World War II. As the title of the game suggests, your most prominent weapon is your sniper rifle, although you’ll use a laundry list of stealth tactics as you navigate your way through the game’s eight missions. We begin our walkthrough with Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk.

Your first objective is to Get to the Ramparts, which is going to be one of the easier tasks in the game. To complete this, run forward and take cover behind the sandbags where your objective marker is located. It’s as easy as that.

Next up, you’ll be asked to kill the artillery spotters. Immediately look down the scope of your rifle and see the first spotter about 50 meters ahead. Take aim and put a bullet through any vital part of his body that you choose. This should give you your first taste of the very satisfying X-Ray Kill Camera before you take aim at the second spotter. He’s about 80 meters out and crouching to the north at roughly 11 o’clock. Take your second shot to complete this objective.

Your sharpshooter skills will prompt your objective to be updated, tasking you to search for more spotters. To do this, head to your objective maker below you and about 45 meters to the northeast. When you arrive, look up and to the north to see the final spotter standing on a cliff about 110 meters away. Zoom in with your rifle and take him down. Even though this was the longest shot so far, it was our best of the three since we hit him in the mouth.

With all three spotters down, your primary objective shifts and asks you to destroy the heavy artillery. In order to do this, move to the new marker on your screen that is about 10 meters to your right. Watch the brief tutorial on how to take out vehicles, noting the weak point just in front of the passenger side door. When you’re ready, take aim at the vulnerability, using your first shot to break through the exterior of the vehicle, and your second to destroy it completely. Well done.

Although brave, your efforts have fallen short, and you must now find a route through the mountain pass. With your objective about 90 meters to the east, start heading that way until you come across a miniature sandbag underpass that you must crouch to move through. Sneak up behind the first soldier and use a stealth takedown to neutralize him, then move forward a few meters and do the same thing to his buddy. That should give you 2/8 for your secondary objective, killed 8 enemies using stealth takedowns.

Tip: Your only secondary objective is to kill eight enemy soldiers using stealth takedowns. This is done by sneaking up behind a target, then pressing Y for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, or Triangle for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that shooting enemies in the head with your Welrod pistol does not count as a stealth takedown.

Head through the path to the southeast and you will immediately encounter three more bad guys. Same as before, sneak up behind each of them, using stealth kills to take them down and give you 5/8 for your secondary objective. If you can’t get the stealth kill on the final two, try your Welrod or a grenade. As soon as the last soldier is down, your objective will update to destroy the Nebelwerfers or eliminate the crew, and you’ve just cleaned out the first of four.

Tip: Ammunition is scarce in this game. Stealth isn’t just an option, it’s the only way to effectively work your way through the missions. Make sure you approach a body and hit the button indicated to search it. This will often produce Welrod ammunition, our opinion the most valuable of all the weapons.

Your second crew and Nebelwerfer is to the north. Climb up a small rock ledge and notice several bad guys on your radar. One of them is in the tent directly in front of you. Sneak and use a stealth takedown to get 6/8 towards your secondary objective. There are still two more soldiers patrolling outside the tent, but their paths should make them easy targets to finish your secondary objective, killed 8 enemies using stealth takedowns. Just be wary of one last guard roaming the area. Take him out with your Welrod if you have your secondary objective at this point.

As you’re exiting the tent, head left and you’ll find another Nebelwerfer with three guards. This is a perfect opportunity to hit a triple kill with a grenade, or you can opt for the stealth takedowns mixed with a Welrod shot or two. Whatever method you choose, when they’re down you have cleared 2/4 Nebelwerfer crews. Don’t forget to search the bodies for goodies.

For your next Nebelwerfer crew, head east where you’ll find a path that leads to a guard tower. Try to be careful on your approach, as there could be a guard looking in your direction as you near the path’s exit. You can try to take him out with a Welrod shot, but there’s a chance his friend’s will hear you. Either way, the other path to the right of the one you’re on isn’t much (if any) better, so go to work and clear out the three hostiles to clear Nebelwerfer crew 3/4.

For your final crew, head south from the third one, crouching and sneaking through a path with rocks around you and overhead. One guard will be near the tent, to the right of the path’s exit. If you haven’t gotten all of your stealth takedowns, this is a good opportunity for an easy one. This should leave one more bad guy around the tent, track him down and stab him, leaving only two more closer to the actual artillery itself. These two hopeless souls are the perfect targets for a well-placed grenade, although we opted to take them out with our M1 Garand sniper rifle. We’re just rebellious like that.

With all four Nebelwerfers down, it’s now time to survey the Desert beyond the Mountain Pass. This is your final objective of the mission, so unless you have some other business here, just sprint to the north and into the marker to finish things off. This should also unlock The Gazala Gallop, a trophy and achievement for completing Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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