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Sniper Elite 3 – All Sniper Nest Locations – Nesting Instinct Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

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Sniper Elite 3 has a lot of secrets and side missions to keep players entertained long after the final shot has been fired in the campaign. Two of those optional extras, Long Shots and Collectible Cards, are topics we already covered. Today, we’re going to move along to Sniper Nests, showing you where to find each and every one of them. If you stick with us and follow along, you’ll unlock the Nesting Instinct trophy and achievement after uncovering the last Sniper Nest.

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk

The first nest is on the far east side of the map, close to one of the Nebelwerfers. If you aren’t sure exactly where it is, pull up your map and its location will display on screen. This one sits in a guard tower, so head up the ladder and follow the on-screen prompts to enter the Sniper Nest. You don’t even have to kill anyone for it to count, but this one contains the mission’s only Long Shot.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

Your first Sniper Nest will be on the west side of the map, on a cliff that sits about 80 meters to the west of the second officer you must kill. There’s also a generator nearby. Enter the Sniper Nest to knock one more off the list, but if you also kill the officer from here, you’ll complete an optional objective.

As you make your way through the level, you’ll receive an optional objective to disable the searchlight. The searchlight is in the tower where the second Sniper Nest is located. This is also the Long Shot for this mission, if that’s what you’re looking for.

The final Sniper Nest for this mission is on the northeast side of the building where the final officer is located. You access it by climbing a nearby ladder, and it looks out and to the northwest. Depending how you choose to approach this level, this Sniper Nest may or may not be of tactical value to you.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

The first Sniper Nest in this mission is actually quite close to your first primary objective. It’s even closer to the optional objective to find further intel on the whereabouts of the General. In order to access it, pull up your map when you’re close and it will display on-screen. Climb up two sets of ladders and enter the Sniper Nest to knock this one off the list

The second Sniper Nest is loaded with goodies. This is where you’ll make the mission’s Long Shot, as well as complete an optional objective and receive another one. It’s the tower that has the speaker system malfunctioning right next to it. Climb the series of stairs and ladders to enter the nest.

The final Sniper Nest is close to one of your primary objectives that sits on the far west side of the map. It’s about 140 to 150 meters away, and sits up on a ladder, next to a generator and antenna. Once again, depending how you choose to approach the mission, this Sniper Nest may or may not have any tactical advantage. You must enter it to remove it off the list, though.

Mission 4: Fort Rifugio

As soon as you begin, make your way to the east where you’ll come across several guards standing around a fire. Nearby is a cliff that you can access by climbing up some rocks. The Sniper Nest, which also contains this mission’s Long Shot, is on that cliff. As a tip, sabotage the nearby generator before you start shooting from here. The sound will mask your shots and keep your location concealed.

The second Sniper Nest is located along the far east wall of the map. You’ll come to it before you get inside the Fort. Depending on how many people you kill from the first nest we showed you, this one may or may not be a useful location to shoot from. Be careful, it’s located in a guard tower that contains a guard. You’ll want to approach from the east in order to keep the element of surprise.

The final Sniper nest of this mission is located on the far west side of the map, before you enter the Fort. It’s sitting on a small cliff and there are several soldiers nearby. Because it’s so heavily guarded, and there isn’t anything to mask the sounds of your shots, uncover this one and then leave it. There isn’t much tactical advantage from this location.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

When this mission begins, look to the north and you’ll see a flakvierling AA gun with several soldiers operating it. Head this way, take out the gun and enter the city from this location. As you enter the city, take your first set of stairs on your left, then go in the door and up the ladder. That is your first Sniper Nest of this mission.

From your second flakvierling AA gun (if you continue moving north from the first), there will be a road that leads through some archways and deeper into the city. Go through the archways, turn to your right and take the first door on your right, next to a small sandbag wall. Climb up two ladders and enter your second Sniper Nest. This is a prime location on this map. The occasional sound of overhead aircraft will mask your rifle shots. Put a Trip Mine or S-Mine below you and go to work from this spot.

The final nest is at the very top of the map, prior to your third flakvierling AA gun if you continue to work your way north. You should easily spot it if you bring up your map when you’re in the vicinity. Head into a doorway to the left of another door that has a generator outside. Climb up two sets of ladders and enter the Sniper Nest. This is also where you’ll find the mission’s Long Shot.

Mission 6: Kasserine Pass

In the middle of the map, you’ll find a large mountain with a cave running through it. There are several ways to get up the mountain, but once you do, you’ll find another cave. Go inside and climb up to the Sniper Nest. This location will give you the sound of overhead planes to mask your shots, as well as a look at one of the optional objectives. This is a prime location to shoot from since it also holds this mission’s Long Shot. Consider placing traps in the cave and steps leading up to your location. You could be here awhile and don’t need anyone sneaking up on you. Just be sure to pick up the traps when you’re done so they can be used again.

The second nest is on the northeast side of the map, and is located right next to the temple in the mission. It’s accessed by going up the cliff next to it. There aren’t many opportunities to take stealth shots from here, but if you get pinned down, it’s not a bad place to make a stand.

The final Sniper Nest of this mission is in a large, light colored building with the top blown off. It’s where Brauer is waiting for you near the end of the mission. It is accessed by going up the building’s stairs and climbing a ladder. It’s not a bad place to take out the Tiger tank with sniper rounds if that’s what you’re planning to do.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

The first Sniper Nest is located at the end of the runway on the south side of the map. It’s actually a tower. We used this location to take out about half the base, even ignoring the fact our shots were heard. There are a lot of guards here, so when you approach, be very careful.

The second nest is just to the east of the first, up in the mountain a little ways. It has two points of access, each of which should be covered with S-Mines or Trip Mines. This is where we chose to cover the LDRG in the mission, so make sure the area is clear before you get cozy in this spot.

The final Sniper Nest is on the far northeast side of the map, not far from a tower. It’s on a cliff and looks out over the area behind two of the hangers. This is also the mission’s Long Shot. Look way out to the south and on top of a desert hill. You should see a lone soldier standing there.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory

As soon as you complete you first primary objective, head to the west, across a walkway and into a factory. The Sniper nest is in that factory and looks out to the southeast. Depending on your approach to this mission, this may or may not hold a tactical advantage. Be careful of the two guards who patrol both levels of this warehouse.

This sniper haven is located just after you destroy the first transformer and after you climb down the ladder. You’ll find a boarded up tunnel that leads into the mountain. This is the second Sniper Nest and also contains this mission’s only Long Shot.

The final Sniper Nest is at the very end of the mission and is actually a primary objective. You have to go there, so follow the on-screen marker to locate it. You will only make one shot from here, making this nest more of a necessity than tactical advantage.

Note: The game told us we had a total of 32 Sniper Nests to find, yet we were able to unlock the Nesting Instinct trophy and achievement for finding all the Sniper Nests with only 22. Our best guess is that this is a graphical error with the game. The first mission has only one Sniper Nest, with each mission thereafter containing three. That results in a total of 22, in case you were curious about the discrepancy.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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