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Quantum Break Act 2: Part 3 – Bradbury Swimming Pool

by Bryan Dawson

This article covers Act 2: Part 3 – Bradbury Swimming Pool in Quantum Break. In this portion of the game you discover something extremely important to the story and it’s something Serene is after. Beth has been extremely helpful, but now it’s your turn to guide her as the mysteries in Quantum Break slowly begin to unravel.

Find Will’s Countermeasure

  • Follow Beth.
  • Find a way into the building.
  • Unlock the entrance for Beth.
  • Follow Beth.
  • Help Beth unlock the door.
  • Open the door.

Follow Beth and attempt open the door ahead. When you find it’s locked and your key doesn’t fit. Move around to the right side of the building to find a point where you can use Time Rewind to clear a path so you can climb up onto the roof. Climb onto the scaffolding so you can get to the window above and inside the building.

Head through the opening directly ahead and climb up the yellow tarp area. Drop down to the third floor and head left to a point where you can drop down to the second floor. In the far corner you can find a table with a number of items you can examine as narrative objects, as well as a time anomaly nearby.

Circle around to the counter find a radio on the far left that also serves as a narrative object. Open the nearby door, then head left and take the stairs down to the front door. Follow Beth then help Beth open the door to the right after watching the video. Activate the lift to the left.

Use the Time Machine to Travel Back in Time

  • Activate the core.
  • Reset the core.
  • Activate the core.
  • Activate the corridor.
  • Set the date.

If you head up the stairs to the left, there’s a map of the room on the board and an article on the table which are both narrative objects. On the elevated platform nearby try to pull the lever to find that the core needs to be reset. Walk down the ramp to the left and drop down toward the center of the area to find an opening that leads under the time machine.

Access the computer here to reset the core, then head back up to the first set of controls and pull the lever again. Head to the adjacent computer terminal on the far right side of the room to activate the corridor. Move back to the left side of the room to find a second terminal down the ramp from the first one. Use this terminal to set the date, which successfully ends act two.

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