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Quantum Break Act 1: Part 2 – Escape Campus

by Bryan Dawson

This article covers Act 1: Part 2 – Escape Campus in Quantum Break. In this portion of the game you finally find a few guns and you learn how to use your Time Vision ability. Think of this as a tutorial of sorts as you still don’t have access to your full range of time abilities or even guns, but you have to crawl before you can walk.

Get to Will’s Car

  • Follow Will.
  • Clear the lab of enemies.
  • Follow Will.
  • Clear the area of enemies.
  • Take the elevator.
  • Help Will.
  • Follow Will.
  • Grab the car keys.
  • Find Will’s car.
  • Investigate the anomaly.
  • Get Will’s car.
  • Clear the carpark of cars.
  • Get back to Will.

Continue to follow Will and pick up the pistol on the floor as you move around the corner to the left. When you reach the closed door move over to it to force it open. Slowly move through the narrow pathway and continue to follow Will. After plowing through the next closed door you’ll have your first encounter with a real enemy. There are three guards in the next room and you need to shoot all three to move on.

Take cover behind the desk and only pop out to shoot the enemies across the room. Once they’re down continue to follow Will into the next hallway to engage a few more enemies. Be careful as these enemies will move around to either side of the room to get a clear shot on you. As long as you don’t take your time you should be fine here.

Before you head into the elevator, examine the dead bodies of the enemies you just shot to find an SMG. There’s also a pistol, but you should already have one. Collect your new weapon then move into the elevator. When the elevator stops access the panel to the left of the doors, then help Will by unfreezing him.

At this point you need to follow Will out of the building. As you move through the courtyard you can stop at every soldier to collect ammo for your SMG. If you don’t have an SMG yet you can collect one of the soldier’s weapons as well. Pick up the email on the ledge for another narrative object, then stop at the woman running from the soldier and try to unfreeze her before you continue to follow Will.

Move inside the next building and open the closed door. Walk through the classroom then grab the car keys from Will when you reach the next door. Once you leave the building you will have access to Time Vision, which allows you to locate enemies, hazards and items.

Activate Time Vision then move over to the backpack on the left to find ammo and another SMG if you happen to need one. Use the half-wall here as cover to take out the enemies ahead. Using Vision (Y) will help you spot the enemies as they move around. They will try to move around to the sides and even flank you, so take them out quickly.

Move forward and use Vision to find the anomaly of the past, activate it, then get in Will’s car. When more enemies attack, turn around and clear them out as you head back to Will. This time around you’ll be able to stop time to cease an enemy from attacking while you lay into them. Head back to the door to trigger a cut scene that completes this part of the act.

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