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Prey Walkthrough Part 2 – Breakout

by Bryan Dawson

The second portion of our Prey coverage takes you through Breakout. As you start to figure out what’s going on and that things may not appear to be what they really are, you’re going to have to face off against a few Mimics. Take this time to learn some of the battle mechanics because Breakout is one of the easier portions of Prey.

Once you have the wrench, head back to the apartment and toward the large window that leads out to the balcony. Smash the glass with your wrench, then head to the workstation nearby. Read the emails on the workstation then look around the area and move through the nearby rooms before heading to the next waypoint marker (the white icon).

You will find a storage area outside of the apartment hallway where you originally found your wrench. There’s a Mimic in the area, so make sure you’re ready to use that wrench if you happen to draw its attention. As the name implies, Mimics can take the form of other objects, so if you see two of anything, chances are one of them is a Mimic. Wait until it changes forms, then hit it three times with the wrench to finish it off.

Anytime you kill a Mimic you should search the body to collect any organs you may find. Eventually you’ll be able to use these organs to create exotic material and craft various items. You won’t be able to harvest everything from the bodies at first, but over time you’ll learn the skills necessary to harvest everything.

Keep moving until you see the helicopter. Continue past the chopper and through the doorway below the TranStar sign. Head toward the elevator, and perform the same appointment confirmation you did on the previous day.

You should now be able to see the receptionist desk. Look at the workstation behind the desk, then grab the Medkit in the nearby cabinet. Continue through the doorway behind the desk to find another Mimic. Luckily, this one is trapped behind the glass and can’t get to you. When you’re ready, head toward the exit and pick up the TranScribe on the desk as you leave.

Before you get to the lobby, head along the catwalk to the left, but be mindful of the two Mimics near the control room. You can rush down the Mimics if you’re feeling confident, or crouch and move slowly so you can take them by surprise and attack first. You actually inflict bonus damage if you hit a Mimic without being detected, so you can bring them both down much faster.

With the Mimics down, search the nearby body then head back to the decontamination chamber you were just in. You get to watch someone else die, but the Mimics are gone by the time you’re able to get out of the chamber. Search the body and the lockers, then collect the Medkit by the exit.

Keep moving into the Research and Design area where you’ll find more Mimics. Head into the first cubicle on the left to access the workstation. Look around the area and make sure you grab as many flowers and other items. The flowers will come in handy later on to craft more items so be sure to collect them all.

Head into Bellamy’s office to grab the Simulation Lab keycard, then look at his workstation before using the keycard to open the nearby locked door. As you head out you’ll see another enemy that isn’t a Mimic. It can’t reach you so you’re safe to continue down the hall and to the body of Veer Singh.

Take out the plastered Mimic nearby, then collect the GLOO Cannon and CLOO canisters from the floor near Singh’s corpse. You can also search the body for additional supplies that will come in handy in the future. Equip the CLOO Cannon as you move past the security station and into the area ahead.

January makes contact with you again and you need to install a Neuromod to help against the Typhon enemies. Take out the Mimics in the area, then head toward the Neuromod display case. Break the glass and take out the Neuromod. Now you have the ability to select some new skills. Choose carefully based on what you feel you need at this point in the game.

Just before you reach the main lobby, make a pit stop in the conference room. Search the body inside as well as the rest of the room before you head back and continue on to the lobby. This completes the area.

We’ll have more coming very soon. In the meantime you can check out more strategies in our Prey game hub!