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Prey Walkthrough Part 1 – First Day on the Job

by Bryan Dawson

The first part of our Prey walkthrough covers Morgan’s apartment and everything you need to find in the immediate area. This article covers First Day on the Job and everything it involves as you just start to understand the ins and outs of Prey. Be sure to check out some of our other Prey coverage if you need help with the many locked areas of Prey.

Morgan’s Apartment

After you wake up, your brother Alex calls and sends a helicopter to pick you up. You have an infinite amount of time before the helicopter leaves, so if you haven’t played the demo you should probably use this time to look around the apartment and become familiar with the controls. Head over to your workstation and interact with the screen to gain access, then read the three emails awaiting you.

Grab the burnt circuit board, plastic tubing and frayed wire from Morgan’s work area, then collect the pizza box next to the workstation and throw it to the far side of the apartment to get it out of your way. Make your way over to the kitchen and read Alex’s note near the wine bottle. Collect the wine, but keep in mind it will blur your vision for a short time if you decide to drink it.

Look at the Encyclopedia of Food Science and cook book on the counter, as well as any other books or magazines in the apartment that you may come across. If you check out the fridge and cabinets you’ll find some items you can eat that will restore your health when in need. Finally, the TranStar outfit is hanging on the back of the door near the bed. Put it on, then head out of the apartment.

Go left down the hallway and talk to Patricia, the technician, along the way. Head left and move into the elevator to make your way up to the roof. Go inside the helicopter and enjoy the aerial ride that follows.

TranStar Testing Facility

When you arrive, head through the open doorway and go right to the elevator. Interact with the screen to the left to get the elevator moving and confirm your appointment. Talk to Alex, then head through the door at the end of the hall and into the first testing room.

The first test requires you to remove three boxes from the red circle on the ground. Hit the button by the entrance to begin, then head toward the boxes when they spawn from the hatches on the ground. Grab one box at a time and throw them away from the red circle, but make sure they don’t bounce back into the circle. Once you’ve moved all three boxes, head through the doorway.

To start next test, hit the red button and move toward the chair in the middle of the room. Move behind the chair and crouch before moving on to the next room. Hit the red button in this room to begin the test, then run toward the middle of the room and jump over the half wall. Hit the blue button on the far side and you’ll be done with this room.

Sit down behind the terminal in the next room, then use your own judgment to determine the answers to the questions that follow. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers here, so choose whatever feels best to you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to finish the test as a Mimic interrupts your time with the good doctor.

Morgan’s Apartment

Looks like you’re back in the apartment again, but this time everything has been reset. Check your email to find that you have six, all from someone known as January. While the emails warn you to leave, take the time to collect all of those items you got before because your inventory is empty again. Basically follow the same steps you took the last time you were here.

Apartment Hallway

Head into the hallway and walk up to the technician again. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have that same conversation again as they seem to be slightly dead. Use your flashlight as you examine the remains of the technician, collecting the nearby wrench as well as some spare parts.

Continue onward to Breakout or head back to our Prey game hub for more advice and strategies.

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