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Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough: Act 2 Side Quests – Copperlane, Crucible Keep

by Prima Games Staff

Obsidian Entertainment’s epic Pillars of Eternity features six unique races to master (Dwarf and Godlike among them), 11 classes and a wealth of detailed locations to explore. In addition to the main quest, the game features multiple side quests and tasks that let you delve deeper into this fantasy world, interacting with different NPCs and earning rewards for your trouble. 

If you started playing, finish all of the Act 1 side quests in Gilded Vale. With that out of the way, now it’s time to experience Act 2, with quests spread across such locations as Copperlane, Brackenbury and Dyrford Village. 

This guide is a work in progress.

His Old Self 

Part 1: Consoling Kaenra in the Goose and Fox Inn 

Head to Copperlane and visit the Goose and Fox Inn.  When you are inside, walk over to the woman sitting at a round table near the fireplace. She has shiny hair to cover her facial injuries. When you engage her in conversation, she says her fiancé, Purnisc, is up to no good and has some new buddies over the house.  She thinks he’s addicted to Svef and then gives you a ring, otherwise known as Kaenra’s Ring. 

Part 2: Peddling Svef in Purnisc’s House

Head to the northwest near the end of the marketplace and go inside Purnisc’s home. You’ll immediately see some drug addicts in rough shape, along with some mercenaries. Look right and walk into the room to find Purnisc.  Hand over Kaenra’s Ring and buy some Svef if you want. 

He doesn’t seem too enthused about the ring, and you have a few options. 

  • Respond with, “You don’t recognize the wedding band you gave Kaenra?” 
  • Respond with, “No wonder Kaenra’s left you.” 
  • Keep pushing him for more info, because there’s something not right about his reaction, or lack thereof.  
  • Act passionately and then battle Purnisc and six Mercenaries.  Right before you go for the final blow on Purnisc, he transforms into a wizard named Nyrid. 
  • Let him know that Kaenra seems to care for him and then leave him be. 

Part 3: The Nefarious Nyrid 

You’re free to go back to Kaenra and tell her you returned the ring to Purnisc, and this quest concludes, but we want you to keep going! 

Go west and approach the Mercenary near the stairwell. A guard will then block you from going upstairs. You can…

  • Wave him off and try to go upstairs, angering all of the Mercenaries. 
  • Give the Mercenary 100 cp and he’ll let you pass.
  • Intimidate him with your sword and he’ll back off; Resolve 14 required. 

Walk upstairs and kill the four Mercenaries in the bedroom. Rummage through the bodies and take the Rusty Bronze Key.  Now go southeast and use the key to unlock the door.  This takes you to a room with a guy who looks exactly like Purnisc laying in some blood. Thankfully he’s still alive. Talk to him to find out the following: 

  • He sells Svef and didn’t play nice with Nyrid, hence his predicament. 
  • He cares deeply for Kaenra. 
  • He’d appreciate it if you killed Nyrid and the other Mercenaries. 

This is dependent on how you feel about Kaenra and Purnisc.  From here, go down the steps.

Part 4: Good Nyriddance 

Go back to fake Purnisc and let him know you let the real one go.  Them’s potential fighting words, so prepare to do the following: 

  • Don’t let the situation escalate via conversation. Agree to provide wizard Nyrid with discounted Svef and no trouble. That sounds like a good idea to him and you don’t have to fight. Unfortunately the actual Purnisc is doomed.
  • Kill Nyrid and his minions.

Part 5: Return to the Real Purnisc 

Walk back up the stairs and let Purnisc know the wizard is dead. He asks whether you can repair his busted love life.  You can respond with… 

  • “Kaenra sent me here in the first place.” 
  • “…trust her to make her own decisions rather than lie to her.” 
  • “Don’t push your luck.” 
  • “We’ll see.” 

Should you choose to stick around, he then asks whether you can bring Kaenra home.

  • Tell him you’ll have a chat with her.
  • Lie to him with, “Sure. I’ll go do that.”

Part 6: Conclusion – Happily Ever After?

From here, return to the Goose and Fox Inn and engage Kaerna in conversation.  How the quest concludes depends on your previous actions.

If you killed Purnisc or spoke to him without pushing for more info, inform Kaenra that you returned the ring. She will then leave the bay.  Providing you have the dungeon upgrade, there’s the option to take Nyrid prisoner. 

  • You receive the Amulet of Unwavering Resolve. 

Talk to Nyrid and then take his side. Slaughter Purnisc upstairs, tell Kaenra and she leaves. 

  • You receive the Amulet of Unwavering Resolve. 
  • You also score a discount from Nyrid, now that you are best friends. 

Kill Nyrid and free Purnisc upstairs. Let Kaenra know what happened, and when she says she won’t see him again, use Passionate or Benevolent responses.  She’ll have a change of heart and stick with him. 

  • You receive the Amulet of Unwavering Resolve. 
  • Purnisc will also give you a discount when you buy stuff at his place.

Slaughter Nyrid and rescue Purnisc. Brief Kaenra on the recent events, and when she refuses to see her former love, tell her it disappoints you to hear that.  She leaves.

  • You receive the Amulet of Unwavering Resolve.

A Voice from the Past

Part 1: Dreaming of Rowyna 

While at Copperlane, head west near the bridge and make your way to the Amphitheater. Look for an old guy, otherwise referred to as Dalton, and speak with him. 

At first he seems a bit crazy because he mutters to himself and paces back and forth. Ask him what’s up and apparently Dalton’s hears the voice of his deceased wife Rowyna, who passed away nearly 60 years ago. Tell him you will visit the Catacombs and search for her. 

Part 2: Dark Deeds in Darker Crypts 

When you go inside of the Catacombs, reach the canal bank and travel southwest. Go around the three Black Oozes and approach the steps leading down, but do not head in that direction. Instead, explore the circular crypt and defeat the five skeletons standing in your way.  Now walk north to enter Helig of Thein’s chamber. He also happens to be a necromancer. 

Speak to the necromancer and bring up Rowyna. From here, make the following selection: 

  • Helig tells you where Rowyna is located, but you must track down Moedred the animancer and take a grimoire.  Moedred keeps it locked away inside of a chest, but don’t worry because Helig gives you the key to unlock it.
  • Reply aggressively and then battle Helig, taking down both him and his goons. From here, skip to Part 4. 

Part 3: Unwarranted Journeying 

Visit Brackenbury and go into the Sanitarium.  Access the lower level and then walk to the place where Moedred lives. Engage him in conversation and inquire about Helig. Turns out, the chest does not exist, and it seems Helig lied to you.  All he wanted was for you to slay Moedred.   

Part 4: Carrying a Soul to Safety

With murder on the brain, return to the Catacombs to confront Helig.  Kill both the necromancer and the three Revenants nearby, then pick up Rowyna’s amulet off Helig’s body. There is the possibility of obtaining the amulet without killing Helig, providing Moedred dies.

After collecting the amulet you will be able to chat with Rowyna’s ghost.

Part 5: Return to Dalton 

To finish this side quest, go back to Dalton and choose from the following options: 

  • [Lie] Keep the amulet and never see Dalton again, or go back and tell him you did not find anything. You will receive the Soulward Amulet, and lose a bit of Reputation at Defiance Bay. 
  • Tell Dalton that Rowyna’s soul is inside the amulet. Suggest he break the amulet to free her, or do it yourself. You will receive the Dial Ewn Dibita club, and score a minor reputation boost at Defiance Bay. 
  • Tell Dalton that Rowyna’s soul is inside the amulet and convince him to hold onto it. You will get the Dial Ewn Dibita club and a minor reputation boost at Defiance Bay. 

Rogue Knight

Part 1: Finding a Family Heirloom 

There’s a good chance you encountered this Rogue Knight side quest while in Copperlane.  To kick it off, head there and travel to the northeast away from the marketplace. Now go into Expedition Hall. You’ll encounter some NPCs, and from there, you should go northeast so you enter a hallway. This takes you to a training area.  Look for Osric and let him know you want to work. Turns out, he just so happens to have a quest that requires you to take back his family breastplate, which is currently in the possession of a knight, Penhelm.   

Part 2: Investigating a Subversive Soul 

From Copperlane, travel to First Fires. Head to the southeastern area and then go into Crucible Keep. Speak to the guard and then unlock the door.  Now you are inside of a chamber. Walk up to the desk and grab one of the scrolls behind it, Penhelm’s Affidavit. 

Go into the next room and talk to Penhelm.  He has little to say about Osric at first, and he thinks someone forged the affidavit.  Now you need to find Kurren and prove the affidavit is real. 

Part 3: A Preening Peacock of a Man 

From here, go to Brackenbury  and then into Hadret House, which is in the southwest.  Go into the main entrance and you’ll find Kurren near a large table.  Hand over Penhelm’s affidavit and he thinks it is a forgery.  He also suggests you talk to Commander Clyver. 

Part 4: Knight Fight 

Leave Hadret House and Penhelm will attempt to prevent you from continuing. He knows about the forgery and you have two options. 

  • Let Penhelm take the affidavit. 
  • Kill Penhelm and his goons.

If you chose death, take the breastplate from Penhelm’s body and go back to Copperlane. Enter the Expedition Hall and walk up to Osric.

Part 5: Conclusion – Winning Favor with the Dozens 

Osric can’t believe you managed to retrieve the breastplate. Choose from among the following: 

  • Inform Osric that you put Penhelm in his place and you’ll receive 2,000 cp and benefit from a minor positive Reputation with the Dozens. 
  • Let Osric know you slaughtered some people to obtain the breastplate. This concerns him, and he tells you to get lost. You keep the Osric Family Breastplate and get a small negative Reputation decrease with the Dozens. 
  • Lie to Osric and reveal that Penhelm gave it willingly. This is the best outcome if you are cool with fibbing. You’ll keep the breastplate, score 2,000 cp and receive positive Reputation with the Dozens. 

Note: Completing this side quest unlocks the Bronze Beneath the Lake side quest.

The Bronze Beneath the Lake

By accepting this side quest, gamers lock their faction to the Dozens, something that cannot be changed in the future.

Now that you’ve completed the Rogue Knight side quest, you will be able to meet with Wenan at the map table within Admeth’s Den. Once here, you can inquire about an invitation to the animancy hearings, but Wenan has a favor to ask. It’s one that won’t sit well with the Crucible Knights or the Doemenels. Agree to the side quest in order to hear about a place called Lle a Rhemen, a location that is said to hold some of the best Engwithan weapons in existence. 

Part 1: The Search for Lle a Rhemen

Make your way to the Wooded Plains, but more specifically the elevated hill in the southeast sector. It’s there where you’ll find Giantslayers who made camp, and speaking to their leader, Byne, will reveal that they explored an area near a ruin, but have yet to get inside the flooded structure. You have two options on how to proceed.

  • Retrieve the Engraved Adra Disc through conversation.
  • Kill them and take the Engraved Adra Disc.

Part 2: Down the Drain

However you opt to proceed, head to Stormwell Gorge, east from your current location at the Wooded Plains. You may or may not recall this area from your earlier trek to Defiance Bay. Either way, as you’re rummaging about you’ll run into some Crucible Knights, and you’ll have to fight them either before or after you reach the ruins.

Make your way south to the circular ruins on the west side of the Gorge. It’s guarded by three Pwgra if you didn’t take care of them on your previous travels. Dispatch them if needed, then insert the Adra Disc you acquired from the Giantslayers to drain the water from the pool. Head down the stairs into the Engwithan temple.

Part 3: Lhe a Rhemen – Voices in Your Head

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, look for an entrance to the northeast. Above it, a stone head will tell you to turn twice to the left to prepare your soul for reckoning. Doesn’t sound like fun to us, so ignore these instructions and pass under the entrance. It’s here that you’ll have to defeat a Widowmaker, then head into a curved hallway where you’ll continue north and face three Crystal Eater Spiderlings.

Continue moving through the hallway as it curves to the east, heading through an entrance on your right. This area will be full of threats, including Crystal Eater Spiderlings, Ivory Spinners, a Crystal Eater and a Widowmaker. Kill them all, then focus your attention to the southeast wall of the chamber and prepare to make a choice.

  • Bust through the webbing using a character with Might 16+.
  • Crawl under the webbing.

Note: Breaking through the web will disturb additional Spiderlings that must be killed before inspecting the tunnel again.

You’ll emerge in the map’s southeast corner, at which point you’ll need to kill three more Crystal Eater Spiderlings and a Widowmaker. When the area is clear, head west to the Artifact Hall. It’s here where you’ll find an additional 10 Spiders that are under the control of a robed figured named Nridek the Vithrack. You have three options regarding how you wish to proceed.

  • Ask him what he plans to do with the stone (Don’t do this – You’ll fail).
  • Tell him to go, which he does, leaving the Engwithan weapons for you.
  • Kill him, the Spiders and take the Engwithan weapons.

Our advice is that you kill Nridek the Vithrack and all his Spiders, then take the Engwithan weapons, his brain, as well as the Soul Vessel (Adra) from his body. By using the Adra and the Cladhaliath, you can make a special weapon, the Cloudsplitter.

Optional: The side quest requires that you give Wenan the Engwithan weapons, but you are free to keep the Cloudsplitter if you choose to make it. To do this, take the Soul Vessel from his body, as well as the Cladhaliath found in the same chest as the Engwithan weapons. Take these to the first forging chamber and interact with the stone head atop the pillar. Answer its questions, then move to the second stone head in the doorway to the next room. Repeat the process and you’ll now have two symbols that represent your personality. The matching symbols in the Transference Chamber will light up as you pass over them.

In order to craft the spear, make sure your character holds the Soul Vessel, and that two companions are on the corresponding symbols they chose in the other room. The symbols should light up as they step on the pressure plate, and that’s your cue to walk up the stairs in the Transference Chamber. This will trigger a cut scene, and eventually the Soul Vessel becomes an Infused Soul Vessel after you perform the ritual. After another cut scene, interact with the enchanting window, placing the spear and vessel into the crafting pane. Hitting enchant will craft the spear.

Part 4: Conclusion – Tarnished Relics

You can finish this side quest by backtracking out of Lle a Rhemen, Stormwell Gorge and back to Copperlane. Make your way back to Admeth’s Den and speak to Wenan, handing over the weapons that he was looking for. When he asks how to make them special, answer with something along the lines of how the Engwithans used to fill them with fragments of their own essence. If you’re allies with the Dozens, choose positive responses while speaking with Wenan.

A Two Story Job

Part 1: A Heist from House Doemenel

You may have already found this side quest while exploring Copperlane, but in order to start it, you want to locate an unmarked entrance to the east of the marketplace. You’ll walk in on some thieves who are up to no good, and no amount of sweet talking will stop you from having to fight them. Very well, send them to their graves, including the leader, Langden.

Now that you’re all alone, search Langden’s body to find the Thieves’ Letter and start this quest, then be sure to spend a few moments looting the hideout. Pay special attention to the back room where you’ll find four item containers, then move left of the main room to find some loose flagstone on the floor. It’s here where you’ll find some hidden Bloodstone. With all that done, you’re free to leave the hideout.

Note: If you plan to befriend this faction, you need to deliver the letter to Abrecan Doemenel. If you are planning to align with one of the other two factions, feel free to take the letter to Lord Reymont.

Part 2: Making Up for a Minor Mistake

Make your way to Brackenbury, and more specifically the Doemenel Manor that sits in the upper center of town. Talk to the doorman when you arrive, telling him that you have a letter that might be of interest to Abrecan Doemenel. That should get you escorted to Abrecan, and when you hand him the letter he becomes rather upset. Don’t threaten violence. Instead, let him throw a tantrum for a few moments, then agree to finish the job the incompetent thieves couldn’t.

Part 3: Getting the Gem

Reymont Manor is close to the Doemenel Manor. You want to go to the left side, then look up to spot an open window. To gain entry, players have two options.

  • Grappling Hook – Swing it up to the open window
  • Climb the Vines – Climb the vines close to the window

Once you’re inside, take a few moments to study the patrol patterns of the guards, then open the door in front of you. Turn to your left and look for a candlestick mounted to the wall. This will open a secret door to the right, allowing players to sneak inside and interact with the trapped chest. Unlock the chest and snatch up the goods, including the Heart of White March. When you’re ready, sneak back out the way you came in.

Part 4: Conclusion – On the Right Side of Abrecan

Head back to Doemenel Manor and give the jewel to Abrecan Doemenel. If you maintained stealth he will compliment you on it. This will essentially conclude the quest, but you can now visit the upstairs chambers of the Doemenel patriarch Gedmar. It turns out he’s looking for someone with your skills.

The Changing of the Guard

This side quest is only available if you completed A Two Story Job, which we walked you through earlier. That quest should only be done if you plan to align yourself with House Doemenel. Once you complete this quest you will represent them in hearings.

Part 1: Going to the Chapel

Head to House Doemenel in Brackenbury and make your way to Gedmar’s chamber. He wants you to murder a Crucible Knight, and gives you a Dozens Token to place on the altar where the killing occurs. This will ensure the Dozens are blamed for the act. Head to the first floor where things get complicated by Abrecan asking you not to blame the Dozens for the attack, even though those are his father’s instructions. Quite the dilemma.

Part 2: Going to Get Murdered

If you have yet to speak to Commander Clyver, you must do so before this assassination plan can work. If you haven’t already done so in other quests, make this a priority in order to continue with this side quest. It’s actually pretty easy since he’s hanging out in First Fires at the Crucible Keep, your destination. Speaking with him will unlock the Build to Last side quest.

Your target, Marshal Wenfeld, will be present with Commander Clyver who you just spoke to. In order to get Marshal to move about the Crucible Keep, you’ll need to leave and come back. When you do, head to the war room where you’ll find your target standing by the altar. He’s not currently hostile, so this is a great time to bring the lone Crucible Knight down. Make sure you succeed or you could be in a battle with all of the Crucible Keep’s Knights. Not good.

Once Marshal Wenfeld is dead, you have two choices about how to proceed.

  • Leave and return to Doemenel Manor
  • Place a Dozens Token on the altar, then leave

Part 3: Conclusion – Dirty Deeds Are Done

Make your way back to the Doemenel Manor and speak with Gedmar. He’s already aware that you’ve killed Marshal Wenfeld, and an alliance is formed with the Doemenel family. In addition to a reward, you now receive one of Gedmar’s men to guard your stronghold. Good deal.

The Final Act

Part 1: The First Act

Make your way to the Hadret House in Brackenbury and head into the war room. Here you’ll speak with Kurren. When you ask him if he needs your help, he’ll mention a few unsolved cases. Keep asking about the cases to learn that Kurren believes all three are connected. Tell him you’ll look into it, but stick around and continue to ask for details to learn that you need to investigate Lendry, Kendal and Kora. If you open your Quests menu you can find out where the people who reported them missing can be found. Or, you know, we could just tell you.

  • Elcga spends her time in Brackenbury
  • Lora is a merchant in Copperlane
  • Oly is found in a brothel in Ondra’s Gift

Interrogate Elcga

Since you’re already in Brackenbury, start off by interrogating Elcga. Look for her in the streets between the central fountain and two large staircases. Start out by telling her you’re investigating Kendal’s disappearance, then ask her how she knows the missing person, what he was doing before he vanished, when and where she last spoke to him, and if she noticed anything out of the ordinary. You learn that he was an actor who was spending time with a female actor whose name is unknown.

Interrogate Lora

Leave Brackenbury for Copperlane and make your way to the amphitheater to speak with Lumdala. You’ll find her standing in the sand pit to the right of the stage. Tell the woman you’re looking for Kendal, but she claims not to know the bad actor. Continue chatting to learn all you can, and if Grieving Mother is in your party, she’ll advise you not to trust this woman. With that, Lumdala will become your prime suspect.

Continue your journey to the market area where you can speak to Lora, the Mystical Goods merchant. After spending some time chatting, you’ll learn that Kora is Lora’s sister and that she was with the Revel of Stars acting troupe, the same that Lumdala was involved with. You can now return to Lumdala with this information, but it won’t help your investigation any, she’ll still remain deceptive.

Interrogating Oly

Head for Ondra’s Gift and go to the Salty Mast brothel, located to the south. Oly will be at a table to the right of the main entrance. Go through all of your investigative questioning to learn that Lendry was a drinking companion who didn’t say much about himself. Eventually you’ll learn that a woman named Lumdala (Busted!) left with Lendry one night. Time to head back to Copperlane.

Part 2: The Second Act

Head back to the amphitheater in Copperlane and speak with Lumdala again. You can now confront her with the information gained from Oly, but she’ll continue to deny it and request that you prove it. Go with the Passionate-Minor response, telling her she’s connected with all three disappearances. She’ll excuse herself, leaving you to speak with Kadal, who asks you to meet him at Lumdala’s house.

Lumdala’s house is located near the north gate of Copperlane. Enter it and chat with Kadal, choosing any of the first conversation options to get him to provide you with information. He’ll give you the Rusty Bronze Key and tell you it opens the door behind you, and inside that room is a secret passage to an underground theater. You can now choose to let Kadal go or end his life, then enter the room and find a staircase that leads to an unexplored section of the Copperlane Catacombs.

Part 3: The Third Act

Once you enter the catacombs, look for a scarf in the middle of the room. It turns out that Lora gave it to the missing woman, Kora. This will cause you to enter into a vision that explains what happened to the woman, after which you’ll be confronted by Lumdala and her band of thugs.

You have two options here. You can kill Lumdala and her five armed actor thugs, or you can listen to her offer to take out a wealthy patron of her performances, Lord Gaderman. You have the option to either kill or report him to the authorities. Whatever you choose, the next objective remains the same.

Part 4: Conclusion – The Final Act

If you let Lumdala live then things are going to get a bit complicated. First off, stop and chat with Lord Gaderman in Brackenbury, next to the statue by a charred barrel. If you let him off the hook you’ll get a cool 1,000 cp and Linete’s Signet Ring, which is a ring that belongs to Linete Reymont, daughter of Lord Reymont. This is in order to frame her and take the heat off Lumdala. Either way, whether you let Gaderman go or kill him, head back to Kurren at the Hadret House when you’re done.

Of course, if you simply killed Lumdala, the conversation with Gaderman won’t happen and you will just head straight for Kurren.

When you reach Kurren there are several conversation options, but they depend on what options you chose throughout this side quest.

You Killed Lumdala

  • They were all Murdered by a woman named Lumdala.

You Spared Lumdala

  • Report Lord Gaderman and tell of the performances
  • Report Lumdala and Lord Gaderman (Honest)

You Took Gaderman’s Deal

  • Blame Linete Reymont, giving Kurren the Signet Ring

Choose carefully, but feel free to have some fun with it. If you’ve already wronged the Reymont family in A Two Story Job, why not keep the good times rolling? Either way, this ends the side quest.

Built to Last

This side quest should be of interest to anyone who wants to align themselves with the Crucible Knights. It won’t cause you to commit to the faction (that’s the Winds of Steel side quest), but it’s a start. The other two factions you can align with are the Dozens or House Doemenel. Some of our previous side quest guides focused on their missions if you want to do some additional research.

Part 1: Meeting the Crucible Knights

Make your way to the Crucible Keep in the southeast corner of First Fires. When you arrive, feel free to walk around and talk to whoever you’d like, but eventually go the war room at the top of the steps in the northeast corner. It’s here where you’ll find Commander Clyver, someone who seems to be a bit short on soldiers at the moment.

You could head to Scriveners’ Dormitory in Copperlane to figure out where you’re heading, but that’s what we’re here for. Forget Copperlane and just go to Ondra’s Gift to search for Vianna. You’ll find her by moving west along a residential street in the north, eventually coming to a statue with a door just to its north. Enter the Abandoned House through this door.

Part 3: The Dirty Dozens

Again, feel free to do some wandering once you are inside the Abandoned House, but prepare for combat the moment you open the double doors to the southwest. You’ll find Vianna in there, and she’s being bothered by some members of the Dozens. Slay them all (not Vianna), searching Dodwyna’s body to find Vianna’s Research. You may now head back to the Crucible Keep in First Fires.

Part 4: Conclusion – Dustan’s Distain

When you arrive back at the Crucible Keep, speak to Dustan and give him Vianna’s Research so he may start creating the Forge Knights for Commander Clyver. This will allow you to start trading with Dustan at his store. When you’re ready for your next mission, go speak with Commander Clyver.

Winds of Steel

In order to complete this side quest, you must first complete Built to Last. Also, you only want to do this quest if you intend on joining forces with the Crucible Knights. Once this quest is done you’ll represent them in the hearings.

Part 1: Forging Ahead

Speak to Commander Clyver in the war room that sits at the top of the steps in the northeast corner. He has another task for you. After the success of the Forge Knights, the High Justice wants to build some more at Fleetbreaker Castle in Anslog’s Compass.

Exit the Crucible Keep and bring up the World Map. If you visited Anslog’s Compass in A Mother’s Plea it will be available. If you have yet to travel there, you can gain entry by going to Magran’s Fork, then going south through the forest, back to the World Map.

Part 2: The Dirty Dozens

From the sand, move to the east until you come to a Drake skeleton. Head south to the edge of the water, then adjust and find a path to the southeast and along the water’s edge. If you completed A Mother’s Plea before, you shouldn’t have to worry about any Xaurips. If you didn’t, well, you’ll need to clear them out as you go. Continue until you reach a dock, at which point a woman will ask you if you were sent by Commander Clyver. Hand over Vianna’s Research.

It’s about this time that players will be confronted by a member of the Dozens, Padebal, as well as five mercenaries. You can’t talk your way out of this, so take a moment to slay these fools before Aranroed sets of for Fleetbreaker Castle. Time for you to return to the Crucible Keep.

Part 3: Conclusion – More Research Needed

Head back to the Crucible Keep in First Fires, only to get attacked by a rogue Forge Knight who waits for you at the steps. Mess it up, then enter the Keep and prepare for more fighting. It turns out there are a lot more Rogue Knights. Destroy them all, then check all of the corpses for any items of interest. When things settle down, move to the war room and speak with Commander Clyver. You have two options here.

  • Agree that more research is needed regarding these Knights
  • Decide that additional research is not a good use of resources

Even though things didn’t go as planned, Commander Clyver is pleased with your contributions. You will now be able to represent the Crucible Knights at the animancy hearings at the palace. This will secure your allegiance with them.

Cinders of Faith

This quest can be completed any time before the end of Act II. In order to begin it, make your way to Ducal Palace in First Fires. There you’ll find Fyrga, Tranquil Ardent of Magran. She’s had her faith tested by the Hollowborn crisis in Defiance Bay, and as a result is unable to keep the city’s sacred fires lit. That’s where you come in.

Part 1: A Crisis of Faith

After finding Fyrga standing by the statue of Magran and beginning the side quest, open your quest log to see that someone at Expedition Hall may know where to find the cave “at a place with multicolored pools.” Head out to Copperlane, going up the steps to Expedition Hall and into the home of the Dozens faction. Speak with Wenan about Fyrga’s vision. He knows where the place is, and for 50 coppers can provide you with the location of a map. You have several options.

  • Pay him to find out where the map is
  • Refuse to pay, which stalls this quest
  • Unlock the chest in the back room yourself
  • Simply find your own way to Searing Falls

You should probably go with either of the final two options. The first gives you a handy map, and the last works because we’ll just tell you how to get there. Forget that Wenan dude.

Leave Defiance Bay and head to Woodend Plains. Head to the south and past the tumbledown farm guarded by Spectres and a Shade. You can exit using the southwest corner of the map. You should now see Searing Falls on your World Map.

Part 2: Encountering the Great Drake

Head into Searing Falls and look for the oily rainbow pools that match Fyrga’s vision. You’ll have to fight some Xaurips and Young Drakes as you go, but eventually you’ll be able to enter the cave. Make your way through the cave and past the strangely passive Xaurips. Eventually you’ll come to a group of five Xaurips, two Young Drakes and a massive flying serpent known as Cail the Silent.

Don’t bother making small talk because you need to fight this fool. Do what you do, clearing out all of the threats, then checking the body of Cail the Silent. It’s here where you’ll find the Burning Stone, the token Fyrga is looking for. If Durance is in your party, he will have some things to say about this stone.

Part 3: Conclusion – Resurrecting the Fires of Defiance Bay

Head back to Ducal Palace in First Fires. You’ll need to speak with Fyrga once again, only to find out that her faith is still in question. You can choose to be kind and understanding, or tell her to suck it up. Either way, this side quest will end once you hand her the Burning Stone. On to the next one!

More side quests coming soon!

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