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Outlast 2 How to Find Crank, Escape Water Mill – Walkthrough Part 6

by Josh Hawkins

After escaping Temple Gate and making it to the chapel, players will move on to the next part of Outlast 2’s story. Following some revelations while listening to Knoth and his crew beat up a heretic, Blake learns that Lynn is being held in the mines. This article will walk you through the next section of Outlast 2, which forces you to find a crank, stop a water wheel, and escape a mill.

Escape the Chapel

After arriving at the Chapel, grab the document on the table inside the entrance and then head to the front of the room. A man will beg you to kill him. Ignore him, and instead hide in the confessional booth on the right side of the room. Knoth and his men will arrive, at which point they’ll interrogate the man and learn that Lynn is being kept in the mines with the heretics.

Wait for the encounter to finish, and then move slowly out of the confessional booth and record the tortured man with your camera. Now, head out the front doors of the chapel and down the path. Keep running and look for a barn at the bottom of the path. The barn door can be pushed open, allowing you to enter.

Head into the barn, out the screen door on the back wall, and up the stairs to the watchtower above. Grab the battery off the chair to the right, then hop over the railing and into the long grass below. Use your Night Vision to locate a hole in the fence. Crawl through and then make your way inside the building across the dirt road. Continue through, ignoring the woman crying over her babies. She won’t hurt you.

Head out the room with the babies, grab the bandage on the table by the door, and then grab the document off the table in the back corner. You’ll need to climb out the window in this room and into a cornfield. 

Find the Crank

Make your way through the cornfield to a water mill, with a massive water wheel on the side. Head inside, lock the door behind you, and then make your way into the next room. Look for a set of double doors on the left side of the room, and grab the crank inside. 

Escape the Water Mill

With the crank in hand, head out the back door and up the stairs to a pulley control. Interact with it to attach the crank, then turn it until the water wheel stops moving. Now, head back inside the water mill and through the hole where the dead body is. This will lead you out the water mill, and down a path that drops you into the next area. 

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